Players can acquire Lapras by talking to the Silph firm employee ~ beating Gary ~ above the saturday floor the the Silph company building in Saffron City in Pokemon LeafGreen.

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among the key objectives is to acquire Team Rocket the end of Saffron City by saving the president of Silph firm who is top top the optimal floor the the building. Gary will certainly be the 2nd to the last trainer the players will challenge in the building, with the critical being Giovanni.

Step 1

After getting here in Saffron City, head directly to the Silph company building. Due to the fact that it is impossible to head right to the peak floor to save the president, that is essential to battle Team Rocket members.

Step 2

Proceed come the 5th floor, head left and also then down as much as a warp square. Step on the square to go to the ninth floor. On the ninth floor, step on the warp pad to return to the fifth floor, and head appropriate to obtain the card Key.

Step 3

Explore the building, or head straight to the third floor and search for the warp pad the goes come the seventh floor to battle Gary.

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Step 4

After defeating Gary, speak to the Silph agency employee to acquire the Pokemon Lapras.

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