As early as your very first trip come Hyrule lock Town, girlfriend can discover a “snooty” shop in the southwest corner of the lock Town central Square referred to as Chudley’s Emporium. However just try to get in the shop and also you’ll be turned away at the door! In bespeak to get entry, you have to get the boy standing outside (named Soal) to shine her shoes because that 10 Rupees prior to you have the right to come in. If friend do, you’ll uncover the following items ~ above sale as soon as you enter:

Bombs – 3,000 RupeesWater Bombs – 6,000 RupeesPocket Bombling – 9,000 RupeesArrows (10) – 2,000 RupeesBlue medicine – 10,000 RupeesRed potion – 3,000 RupeesMagic Armor – 100,000 Rupees

Since the largest wallet link is qualified of obtaining in this game–which friend don’t even have by this point–can only organize 1,000 Rupees, these prices space impossible! and also this is the only place you can discover the Magic Armor. Our objective, therefore, is to make certain that Chudley’s Emporium experience a readjust in management.

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After you’ve obtained the master Sword, warp to Kakariko Village. Speak to Gor Liggs, that is hanging out just outside the Malo Mart in Kakariko. He’ll call you around a bridge to Castle city that requirements to be fixed. Go within the shop to Gor Ebizo, that is acquisition up donations because that the west door bridge repairs. The fundraising is steep, though: They require 1,000 Rupees!

This won’t it is in as challenging as you could think, though. First, donate everything you have actually on you. Next, go to Agitha’s lock in castle Town and also drop off whatever golden Bugs you might be carrying (see our section on gold Bugs for help finding the insects) for Rupees. Also, right right here in Kakariko Village, you have the right to use a Bomb arrow to ring the bell top top the roof the the Sanctuary to cause a silver- Rupee come fall, worth 200 Rupees! when you do, conveniently run around ago (away from any kind of villagers’ heat of sight) and transform right into Wolf Link. Then run to the tree wherein Midna will help you jump up to the roof. Collect the silver- Rupee before it disappears! past that, return to previously conquered dungeons and also open increase treasure chests that you could not have been able to keep open up earlier due to the fact that your wallet had been complete at the time. (Each dungeon ar of our guide will command you come every treasure chest in all the dungeons.) Finally, over there are plenty of Dig Caverns scattered throughout Hyrule you deserve to access, countless of i m sorry contain 100-Rupee prizes. (See our ar on destruction Caverns for locations and also other details.)

Once you’ve donated at the very least 1,000 Rupees to Gor Ebizo, Malo’s draft on the Castle town shop will start in earnest. Warp come Castle city yourself and also exit via the west door to Hyrule Field. You’ll cross the freshly completed west door bridge–go previous a couple Bulblins with the tunnel to the next part of the field, whereby you’ll accomplish the Goron who assisted repair the bridge. Speak come him, and also you’ll find out that he’s no feeling well after expending so much power fixing the bridge. He needs some warm Springwater to revitalize himself. Let’s gain to it!

Warp to Kakariko village and speak come Gor Liggs, that is still sitting outside Malo Mart. The will offer you a huge barrel full of hot Springwater. You’ll should move relatively quickly, though, as this water will rotate cold after a details amount that time! after ~ you expropriate Gor Liggs’s offer, you’ll show up at the sheet of Hyrule ar holding the springwater aloft. While you don’t have actually time to dawdle, you’re also not in severe hurry one of two people – therefore play the safe. Walk around the sheet of the field near the bottomless gorge. If friend cross paths with one enemy, stop and also place the barrel under (do not throw it!), and quickly kill the enemy. Choose up the barrel and also keep going. You must only conference the sometimes Bulblin Archer (though if you’re an especially unlucky, a Kargarok will certainly spot you and also swoop in to fight). Together you make your method around the southern perimeter the the field, bypass the very first bridge and also your Goron is waiting on the second bridge girlfriend encounter.

Once you’ve reached the Goron ~ above the repaired bridge, stand a short distance away, Z-target him, and throw the barrel of hot Springwater top top him. The water will douse him and return him to complete strength! He’ll roll all the way to Kakariko and also back, leaving a item of Heart for you in his wake. With this task done, go back to Kakariko Village.

Go right into Malo Mart, where Gor Ebizo will update you on development for the castle Branch. Lock still should raise 200 Rupees to make the brand-new shop a reality. (Note that if friend didn’t assist them repair the bridge, climate they’ll require 2,000 Rupees for this!) go ahead and also donate that amount, and if you’re short, walk out and also collect sufficient Rupees (there are Red Rupees that generate under rocks top top the trace at death Mountain, for instance) until you have actually 200. When the requested donation amount is reached, Malo will officially take it over brand-new ownership the what was when Chudley’s Emporium–now Malo Mart lock Branch!

Warp to castle Town, yet there is a detour we desire to take it first. Go to the lock Town southern Road and also you’ll find a stall manned by the same Goron you restored on the bridge earlier in this section. He currently sells warm Springwater for 20 Rupees. Make sure you have actually an Empty party handy, and also buy a serving. Now conveniently run out v the south gate right into Hyrule Field. Walk all the way down the stairs and run directly ahead to uncover a Goron staring helplessly at a rocky barricade. Speak come him and also agree to give him the hot Springwater. Re-energized, he gets ago to work-related on the wall, yet the route won’t be open until later. (This will certainly eventually create a shortcut, involvement this an ar of Hyrule ar with the southern region leading come Faron Woods.) go back to Castle Town.

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Now go up to the castle Town main Square and enter the new Malo Mart–no shoes shine essential this time! gain the nifty brand-new music as you enter the shop, and an ext to the point, reap the drastically diminished prices:

Bombs – 45 RupeesWater Bombs – 45 RupeesBombling – 30 RupeesArrows (10) – 5 RupeesBlue medicine – 50 RupeesRed medicine – 15 RupeesMagic Armor – 598 Rupees

That Magic Armor is lastly within her price range! First, you’ll must have provided at the very least one Golden bug to Agitha to get the huge Wallet from she (and thus enable Link to lug up come 600 Rupees at a time). Of course, after all this fundraising you’ve done, you’re likely brief on funds. Our best recommendation is to continue your development in the game, and also before you understand it, you have to max the end the big Wallet in ~ 600 Rupees. Once you do, go back to Malo Mart and also purchase the coveted Magic Armor.

But just since you have the Magic Armor currently doesn’t typical you no much longer need Rupees because that it. The means the armor operates is that it keeps attach invincible from damage (whether indigenous enemies, traps, or environmental hazards) while the wears it. However it slowly drains her Rupees as lengthy as you have it equipped–your Rupee decrease will certainly spike in instances where you typically take damage, on peak of that. If you have the Magic Armor equipped when you run out that Rupees, Link’s mobility will certainly be practically nonexistent–you’ll have to unequip it. Needless to say, this will make every those endowment chests include Rupees (that you may have had to put away a couple of times) much more useful! You’ll normally want to use the Magic Armor to keep yourself defended while fighting hard battles versus bosses, mini-bosses, and also in places like the reduced levels that the cave of Ordeals. As long as you have actually Rupees to burn, shot it out!