You need to maximise your partnership with them and also use the romantic interacitons. Thereshould it is in an communication "Confess your attraction," then "Become a couple," and eventually"Propose Marriage," and also then you will either have the ability to have a party whereby (under romaticinteractions) you deserve to "get married" and then "exchange rings" otherwise you can do itwithout the part where ever before you want, just go come romantic interacitons and also there will bean alternative for that too. Anyway, I"m not sure that the translations for the interactionsare correct due to the fact that my variation to the video game is in Italian. Expect it helps though, Ciao!

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No you don"t start like that very first you have to propose going steady then just in case youwant to get a correctly for suggest marriage just flirt and also the basic stuff climate to yes, really makesure have woohoo .......but if you simply propose going steady and 9 times out of 10 shewill say yes...........hope i was helpful :)

teens and also younger it won"t give the choice to marry... And insane civilization have randomresponses come marriage.

Get extremly irristable v someone by flirting and also kissing someone, then click proposegoing steady then if the other sim agrees click propose marital relationship when it comes up

you only should flirt for this reason you gain all your relationship up come the max!!!First girlfriend startlike her/his boy/girlfriend then you will certainly be her/his..i forgotXD...then to acquire her tomarry you rapid use happy karma strength on you and also kiss her 2 or 3 times.then the"proposemarriage" option need to appear and she will say yes to the get married guy!!!!HAPPYMARRIAGE!!!!!XD XD XD XD XD XD

First friend greet the human you wanna marry then make them her acquantance then if youcomputer go to chat store chating ~ above the puter till your finest friends climate invite them overwhen they arrive be romantic until the option ""propose walk steady" then if castle accepta brand-new option referred to as "propose marriage" carry out it climate another brand-new option that is law withmarriage then her married i do it countless times the factor of utilizing the computer isfaster relationship simply speed up tim if girlfriend need much more help make a new post

When you develop a family create yourself then once your done v your character produce aboy or girl relies on your personalities gender so when you produce 2 world a boy and girl ascreen will display look foor the word "spouse" top top an option click the invisible confront makesure they have a white heat on lock then your married

I currently have castle going steady and also they actually have a baby but no matter how much iclick ~ above romantic options the purpose choice dosnt come up, i"ve accurate triedeverything. Is there a glitch or something?



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