ns play Pokemon Sapphire using MyBoy emulator top top Android. Mine friends and also I battle and also trade Pokemon, for this reason I chose what get Sporeloom Combo for me.This is what ns did:

First ns searched on net and got that just some Pokémon learn Spore such as Shroomish/Paras/Parasect etc

So i traded Paras (Male) with Spore relocate from Leaf eco-friendly to Sapphire.

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Then i bred it v Shroomish (Female) in Day care Center in Mauvile.

But after ~ hatching eggs none of my Shroomish appears to obtain Spore move .I flower 5 eggs and also then stopped.

What ns am doing something wrong? any kind of other method to get spore on Shroomish? I desire Shroomish to discover Spore come evolve it right into Breloom so the my Breloom have actually Spore learnt.

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Breloom does not find out Spore.

As checked out on Bulbapedia, he deserve to only gain Spore as a Shroomish (prior evolution).

Your reproduction does not work since Spore is no an Egg move for Shroomish.

In Generation 3 Shroomish learns Spore at level 54

You deserve to breed a Shroomish with Spore, however both parental must currently know Spore (because the is a level up move). Bulbapedia top top passing move down.

If both parents know a move that the baby can learn via leveling up, the Pokémon will inherit that move.

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