So, you want to download some Warcraft 3 maps? custom maps and also modes is a long-held heritage in RTS games, and in truth it was a custom map/mode combination for Warcraft 3 called Defence that the Ancients that gave rise come what we now recognize as the MOBA. But even as these spin-offgames rocket to brand-new heights, civilization still want to download new and exciting maps because that Warcraft 3, a heritage that seems to have ongoing through to Warcraft 3: Reforged.

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There room hundreds if not thousands of options for practice Warcraft 3 maps, and plenty of areas to walk grab them. Quite than shot and list out some optimal individual maps, we’ll look at the an essential repositories and also summarize some of the options.Unlike what typically happens through mods, custom maps because that Warcraft 3 specifically are meant to go in the Warcraft 3 folder in her user documents area.

The usual install route will look something likeC:Users\\DocumentsWarcraft IIIMapsbut if you’reon Mac, this is situated at: /Users//Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Warcraft III/Maps

The finest Warcraft 3 maps

We’ve uncovered a grasp of places where you can grab some great custom maps for Warcraft 3. Let’s take it a look in ~ them…


Hive Workshop

The Hive Workshop is a forum-based ar that greatly caters come Warcraft 3 players, however they additionally have a Starcraft 2 ar as well. That offers everything from totally made tradition maps, to individual assets such together icons, 3D models, also spells. It recently launched a brand-new version the itself into beta in 2020, offering an improved business for users.

Users can comment and rate separation, personal, instance maps, and you will have the ability to see how many downloads an item has. Filtering devices will allow you watch what’s at this time popular, and also there is a well designed tag mechanism to further assist you uncover what you’re looking for.


WC3 Maps

This repository doesn’t feature an effective filtering and searching tools prefer Hive does, but it does sell a way to organize maps, as well as coordinate multiplayer lobbies. It functions by plugging right into BattleNet itself, for this reason you an initial need to get your map organized there and also then it’s automatically archived on WC3 Maps.

Its mission statement reads: “The key goal that is to archive every map gift played top top Warcraft III’s platform also as administer statistics and meta data about each map.”

Epic War

Epic Waris an additional manual repository, much like Hive, and also features various filtering tools and also categories, as well as user ratings and also download numbers. Users can upload maps relatively easily, back ‘campaigns’ room not sustained yet.

It’s worth noting that many maps deserve to be uploaded in a state that way the world Editor cannot open them for additional editing, but the video game itself can run them just fine. This is due to the fact that some authors safeguard their occupational so that can’t be quickly copied. The official site FAQ has much more information.


Warcraft 3 Reforged Map Database

This is a newer repository that introduced in the wake up of Warcraft 3: Reforged’s relax in early on 2020. It’s database is a bit more modern-day and much easier to navigate than few of the others, and features lot of of searching and filtering devices to assist you find the maps you want.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Map Database additionally has distinct sections because that officially featured maps, the “best” maps (up to 250) and also there’s likewise a Discord you deserve to join together well.

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There are an ext repositories out there, and also we might add much more as we look in ~ what they have to offer, however just by searching the over ones girlfriend should have the ability to find sufficient content to store your Warcraft 3 sessions fresh.

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