I really want her to have actually a kid and also I retained going "try because that baby" but nothing ever came up speak she was pregnant? How can I tell?



Yeah, plus when your sim requirements to litter up once you have a eco-friendly sick challenge on the box below the screen.

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The center Gets realley fat and also make a diffrent sim click on them and it will certainly say baby and also then it will say rub belly or speak to belly
The mom became fat and also she wanna eat every the time!..Ow..and if it"s a guy (only if it"s gay) could be pregnant!
Wait a while prefer a day in center days and if through the next day if castle dont feel sick climate theyre no pregnant and if they perform feel sick that means they r
she put on a diffirent height like a cardigan as soon as she`s pegnant and also it likewise should tell you your center is pregnant
You should wait about a day prior to you are able to check out results. The an initial sign is she"ll start having a pas-afire through a question mark next come it. Occasionally they won"t even throw up, yet if castle do, climate you know your sims is pregnant. Additionally some of the answers civilization have given you space true, get an additional person to click the sims you suspect is pregnant and also then simply see if it states rub belly. It will not say rub ship if her stomach is not bulged. Allow 2 sims days for the stomach to an initial bulge. There are two step of the bulge then comes birth. Expect this helped.
If you"re on regular aging, the first 2/3 job they will certainly vomit, then afterwards the video game will call you the she is pregnant and from there her bump will grow.When your sims space trying for a baby, as they come up, it must make a sound of about six notes, just listen out for it. If no noise is made, it method no baby was conceived, so try again and also the next time it need to work.
Your Sim will vomit because that unknown reasons and likewise she will certainly vomit because that 4 times a job every two-four hours.
when you try for a baby the sim generally becomes pregant if not make the sim eat a watermelon and also keep try till pregnant
After (Try because that a baby) a music will certainly be play which is a authorize of pregnancy.If u dont hear that music that average u should shot again.Then if pregnancy arisen the female sim feels sick and vomiting numerous times before pregnancy affects your body shape.

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if ~ above sims 3 her sim will certainly throw increase it happened to me, shot For baby wasn"t going away and i was favor "Well shot again" but if sims 2 it will play a small song but only if sound results are rotate on
well,she will begin vomiting and also getting naushoes okay then after ~ a work or 2 a small box will show up on her screan and also it will certainly say " ? has actually just found that she is pregnant congadulatinons!then girlfriend wait 3 days with her reading and also sleeping and also eating healthy and balanced then as soon as it is time walk to the hospital (or remain home) if you provide birth at the hospital climate she will feel safer and also be an ext com okay then name her baby or babys you can have pair (:P) still that"s just how (I sound like a doctor):P :3 :P
on the first day your sim will vomit and start making use of the toilet a lot of on the second day your sim will execute same ~ above the3rd it will provide birth and also can have pets or alians ns hade puppies
A chime sound will certainly play, ~ "Try for baby". If the chime does no play, try again. Make sure the sim is married come the one you space trying through cause, afterwards my sim Lillian Onic gained married come her son Jakob Onic"s biological father and it said "Step-Father". Onic is the maiden name, Hunter is the male"s name.
Sometimes no all the time but sometimes as soon as you shot and my make her sim shot for a baby it won"t allow you since she"s pregnant additionally she"ll start vomiting choose my center did that"s why I"m on this page and if you placed the toilet in the inventory while you think your center is pregnant wait till there water breaks or they pee and also it might say you sims pregnant thenHope I assisted Love fromrosie 135xxxxx
When u try for a infant if she gets pregnant there will be a tiny melody once u try so make sure ur sound is up and u will below a tune play after they are done trying and also if u dont here it shes no pregnant
When ur excellent trying because that a baby have actually the boy relax and also the. The girl click him and also then announce pregnant then u recognize ur pregnant



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