how do I recognize if a details twitter user is at this time online by creating programs? Is there any API or data ar in the internet page showing this information? Both searching Twitter webpage and also using Twitter app are considered \"online\".

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It\"s not clear what you median by \"online\" (browsing making use of a Twitter app?), yet in any kind of case Twitter doesn\"t provide such information, thankfully.


I\"m fear such details is restricted by Twitter and is no available. But you can put your question on and ask the developers. Good Luck


Although this information is not readily available, you deserve to do a job-related around. Make use of Twitter\"s Streaming API: (have a review through this document).

You\"ll most most likely be using the article Statuses/filter usability (read the doc here: ), i beg your pardon will offer you a JSON object with tweets based on your filters.

Make usage of the parameters you\"ll have to specify in the URL come filter the present (have a look v this document to learn more about it: ), in your case it\"ll it is in the follow parameter. You usually specify the twitter id of the user you want to follow. Here\"s a sample JSON result of the streaming API in activity - this one in details is following Kim Kardashian. Save in mind that this will offer you:

Tweets produced by the user.Tweets which space retweeted by the user.Replies to any kind of Tweet produced by the user.Retweets of any Tweet produced by the user.

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So in order to just stream the tweets of your preferred user, you\"ll need to use a programming language that your choice to parse through the JSON thing to find the user that actually sent the tweet (this is a tiny tricky, you\"ll have to look with the nature of the JSON thing to number it out). Once you narrow the streaming tweets to simply the ones from the user though, you can then have an alarm on when new tweets by this user stream and that will tell friend if the user is online/using twitter in ~ the moment.