Pokemon together the very first in party (engaging in every fights, even when I must switch for a much more powerful/better suitable Pokemon).Exp.Share equipped.Fighting the Elite four + Champion (30 Pokemon with selection of 7x)

This strategy works great when ns am leveling a short level Pokemon. I tested with Sawk level 18, and also he perfect at level 82 ~ one happen (all 5 trainers).

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But with Ho-Oh 82 ns only gained to level 87 (I to be expecting 89 or 90). I recognize that the lot of endure is different, however am ns doing the right?

Should ns go complete fights with a high level Pokemon (even withdisadvantage elements)?Should I use Lucky Egg instead of Exp.Share?Should I usage some other method?

How have the right to I enhance my technique?


Your strategy is great for reduced level Pokemon. In Black/White, a reduced level Pokemon will certainly gain more EXP 보다 a higher level one as soon as fighting the exact same Pokemon.

For higher levels you would certainly be much better off letting the Pokemon KO adversaries by itself, hold a happy Egg. If you are level 82 you shouldn\"t have actually too lot of a trouble tackling the totality E4. Shot and acquire a range of move types for coverage and also you deserve to probably OHKO many Pokemon.

There is likewise the large stadium and tiny Court in Nimbasa City which have high level Pokemon you deserve to fight daily, Cynthia shows up in Undella city in Spring v level 75 Pokemon, and also with Morimoto in the video game Freak building in Castelia City through level 75s as well.



While the is much better to train Pokemon manually (I usually go through the routes, functioning my method up), or putting them in the begin of the party and also switching lock out, girlfriend can likewise get ahold the an action replay. This will enable you you to get countless Rare candy (well, in to adjust of 99).


I think you should use exp. Share once they space at lvl 1 come lvl 50, and also use a lucky egg for higher lvl. Usage rare candy when lvl 80 to 99. Of course, you deserve to use lucky egg at low lvl and also lvl up faster.


I have actually been going to the huge Stadium and small Court to level mine Pokemon everyday also, it in reality helps therefore well with leveling, a couple of days back i had a level 20 dewott and it leveled up to about 45 in a couple of days. It got 25 level in a matter of 4 days. If you use this strat you gain EVs and levels really quickly.

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