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I"ve obtained a 98 Ranger 4x4, and was looking to lift it up some. A friend of mine claims that you deserve to stick part hockey pucks between the behind axle(the push will hold the pucks in place, and as lengthy as girlfriend stick come under 3" girlfriend shouldn"t have to mess about with the shocks apparently). Who we know did it with a Dakota, and also i"ve seen the van driving around, and also it watch good, yet i"ve never had a look under to watch what was going on.Would this job-related out and be safe?

This is what girlfriend need. To trust us and go this route.
I occupational at a hockey store and a couple of weeks back I man came in and bought pucks to perform a human body lift. I laughed at him and also said great luck. Ns told him to come ago in and also give me one update yet he never stopped ago on exactly how it went or exactly how its stop up
yah we do, ns live in midland/odessa tx and we have actually hockey, btw ns from the south, born and also raised, i wasnt dissing it, just telling what it is, ns dont think its that poor of an idea as lengthy as they remain put
i would virtually trust hockey pucks much more than the nylon BL blocks, however NOT under the leafs? the shats crazy
Sounds like a negative idea, there is a factor you dont hear of the much... Because it prob isnt a for sure route
i offered a rubbermade garbage can, i beg your pardon i cut up to seal mine wheel wells after ~ the prerunner front finish conversion i placed on... Yet using sporting equipment? currently THATS unique!!!

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I"ve review on forums the the hockey puck method works, however they do transition in place regardless of torquing em down. The cab will certainly still move, as will certainly the pucks. Use grade 8 hardware if you do, however I would certainly strongly recommend the body lift kit as whatever is consisted of with it. Safe part money and get a cheap one ~ above eBay or truck store. It will certainly be fine worth the investment, to trust me and everyone rather on here. Carry out you really want a makeshift body lift? girlfriend don"t obtain the steering extension, radiator support/drops, and bumper relocation brackets.Jason (My05Edge), do you go to Midland Lee? Eisenhower HS played them earlier in the day because that Texas Championship...but there to be Cedrick Benson together a RB. I additionally have a couple of friends indigenous the bordering is Nazareth!Good luck with the body lift...and that sport v sticks on ice. J/k