Have you ever before experienced the discomfort of sitting through a occupational meeting without bending over because you’re worried the buttons on your blouse will space open? Or probably you can’t quite squeeze right into the tee friend bought in ~ an amazing concert year ago. Either way, friend probably find yourself wondering exactly how to make her shirt bigger!

In many cases, you deserve to make a shirt bigger making use of stretching techniques or sewn alterations. Extending some fabrics will quickly enlarge a shirt in the collar, sleeves, or side seams. You can likewise make alterations using scissors and a sewing machine.

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In this article, you will discover out how to use a variety of approaches to big a shirt, just how to transform t-shirts and button-downs with a sewing machine, and also how come refashion your clothing using only a pair of scissors!


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Can You make a shirt Bigger?

Whether or not you can make a shirts bigger relies on that style and also the type of product it is do from.

Generally speaking, shirt of any kind of style deserve to stretch at the very least a tiny bit if you use the appropriate methods. However, if you want to change your shirt v a sewing technique, the layout really matters. T-shirts usually permit for reasonably easy alterations, while blouses and also button-downs need a higher level that skill.

The type of material likewise makes a huge difference. Shirts do from cotton will stretch easily, while shirts make from polyester and other artificial fabrics will certainly not stretch as well. If you decide to bland alterations, you have to note that part fabrics, such together linen, will host onto old needle holes, leave unsightly point out to present your alterations.

If you have actually the right combination of style and kind of material, though, you can make most shirts larger by either stretching or sewing them.

How to make a shirt Bigger there is no Sewing

The easiest way to make a shirt just a bit bigger is to stretch it. Countless shirts, specifically those made out of noodle or cotton blends, will easily stretch at least fifty percent a size bigger.

If you have a slightly too-small shirt and also you want to fit into it again, girlfriend should certainly at least try a couple of rapid stretching techniques! These methods take little effort or skill and let you conveniently make a shirt bigger there is no sewing.

You can attain this by washing the shirt and also stretching the while the is wet, soaking that in a equipment of water and also hair conditioner and also then stretching it, or using a devoted stretching tool to enlarge a specific section of a shirt, such as a collar.

How to Stretch a Shirt

If girlfriend are brand-new to the people of altering clothing, why not start with one easy an approach that lets you make a garment bigger without cutting it?

First, conserve yourself part hassle by taking a pair of preliminary steps. Shot on the shirt and determine precisely where it doesn’t fit you. Is her button-down also tight in the collar however perfectly fitted anywhere else? Is her favorite t-shirt cultivation uncomfortably nearby in the bust, though it hangs simply right otherwise?

You should additionally check the inside brand to find out if your garment is washable before trying any type of stretching methods. Some fabrics, such together silk and wool, need dry cleaning. Girlfriend shouldn’t try these stretching approaches on things made the end of a nonwashable fabric.

The manufacturer’s brand inside the shirt should additionally tell you what cloth it is made the end of and the thread count of the material. The form of material makes a large difference in how quickly a garment will certainly stretch.

Cotton shirts will certainly stretch much an ext easily than a shirts made the end of any kind of synthetic fabric such together polyester. This happens since cotton fibers relax and expand when wet, if polyester fibers perform not absorb moisture. However, girlfriend can properly stretch polyester if you usage the right methods!

Thread count can additionally make a difference in just how well other stretches. A equipment button-down through a high thread count will have the strength and also resiliency to stretch there is no tearing. A shirt through a low thread count might be damaged by stretching. Knit fabrics such as the jersey knit many t-shirts are made out of don’t have actually this issue, though!

The wash Method

Throw her washable shirt into the washing device on a cold setup and let that run through its typical cycles. Eliminate the wet shirt and lay the on a dried towel. (Don’t wring that out, together this could damage the fabric!)

Spread out the shirt till it has no apparent wrinkles or bulges. Then gently large the areas you desire to enlarge. For example, if the sleeves room too short, hold the shoulder and also the cuff and pull gently however firmly. If the bust area of your t-shirt is as well small, try taking host of every side seam just below the sleeves and also pulling.

Some structure will increase quite a little while wet, so take care not to stretch too much!

When the shirt has increased to her satisfaction, leaving it come dry. Then try it on and see if it held its brand-new size!

The Conditioner Method

This technique works an extremely much prefer the washing method. To fill a basin or sink through cold water and include a pair of tablespoons that hair conditioner. Soak the shirt in this systems for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Rinse the conditioner out by draining far the cold water and refilling the sink. Swish the shirt roughly a few times. Repeat this action as crucial until the no longer feels slimy native the conditioner.

Allow most of the water to drainpipe off the shirt by hold it over the basin. Then lay it in between two dried towels and also press down on it to soak up more of the water.

Finally, smooth the shirt the end flat and also commence gently stretching in the crucial areas!

If you should stretch the end a rugby shirt, a soccer jersey, or any kind of sports uniform, you should try this conditioner method!

How to Stretch a Polyester Shirt

Polyester does not stretch as quickly as some various other fabrics and also requires a little of extra work. Because it is a artificial fabric essentially made native plastic, polyester fibers execute not stretch in ~ all.

However, polyester knits do have actually some offer in them because of the loosened way this cloth is made. Woven polyester fabrics will certainly not big much, though you deserve to sometimes obtain about fifty percent a size using this methods.

First, shot washing or soaking your shirt, for this reason it gets nice and also wet. Then placed it on when wet. Yes, this will feel cold and also clammy, yet it will certainly be precious it if that works! allowing the wet shirt to dry while you wear the may cause it to stretch just sufficient to host its new shape.

You have the right to also try the conditioner technique explained earlier, except this time, girlfriend will must put on the shirt while the is quiet damp and let it dry on you.

As a indigenous of advice, though, save yourself the time and also effort and also buy a new polyester shirt the fits correctly. Extending or sewing polyester usually isn’t worth the effort due to the fact that polyester clothes are therefore affordable!

Stretching Tools

If no one of these easy and cheap methods worked for you, you might want to consider purchasing a committed tool to help stretch the end your shirt.

Believe the or not, you deserve to buy a collar or hatband stretcher that works choose a vice come stretch the collar the a button-down.

If you don’t feel choose investing in such a devoted tool, girlfriend can likewise purchase collar extenders. These don’t in reality stretch the collar. Lock look like a switch attached to a coiled-spring loop. The loop goes about the existing switch on the collar, and also the brand-new button replace instead instead it, providing you a little breathing room!

Finally, if you don’t have actually time to sit about stretching your shirts through hand, you can constantly buy a collection of heavy paperweights and also use the weights to stretch the end your shirts while it dries.

How come AddFabric to do a shirt Bigger


If you tried extending your shirt to no avail, here are several principles you can try with the assist of a sewing maker and a pair of spicy scissors!

How to make a T-Shirt Bigger with Sewing

You can transform t-shirts and also knit tank top far much more easily than many other varieties of shirts.

First, save in mind this tips for sewing top top knit fabrics. If you can, swap out the needle in your sewing an equipment for a ballpoint needle. This needle has a rounded reminder that will not catch and pull top top the knit fabric.

Make sure the cloth does no stretch the end under its own weight while girlfriend sew. Bundle the up and hold that level with the sewing an equipment as you feed the fabric through. Girlfriend should also make sure you don’t tug or pull as the feeders slide the cloth beneath the needle.

If you feeling comfortable doing so, you can change the tension and also feeder setups on your sewing an equipment and test the end these settings on a scrap the knit fabric. As a agree tip, you have the right to find plenty of Youtube videos the will show you just how to change these settings!

Add next Panels

Now the you’re ready to darn let’s begin with a basic method for enlarging a t-shirt. This technique will enlarge the bust, waist, sleeves, and also hip area however will no make the collar bigger.

You will certainly need equivalent cotton thread and another plain t-shirt that matches the color and weight of your t-shirt very closely. (Alternatively, girlfriend could pick a color that contrasts nicely with the color of the t-shirt, though this will certainly draw more attention to your alteration.)

First, take a pair of sharp sewing scissors and slice the t-shirt open from the bottom of each side seam approximately the sleeve, and also then snip with the under-arm seam together well. You will now have two matching halves the the shirt, front and also back.

Next, lay flat the “filler” t-shirt in its equivalent or difference color. Depending upon how much you desire to enlarge the initial garment, reduced an inch or 2 inches within the side seam, but this time cut through both class of the t-shirt. Slice up and over the underarm seam so the you have a cut-off item of towel in one upside-down together shape.

Now pin the L-shaped cloth into your initial t-shirt, equivalent the hems that the sleeve, the underarm seam, and also the hems. Stitch up every side the the towel insert, and also then repeat top top the other side seam. Basically you space cutting off the side seam indigenous the filler t-shirt to add it into your original garment!

Add Lace

If her t-shirt requirements a tiny extra room in the collar, chest, and also waist areas, you could want to try adding a fun lace insert or gusset come the back of it! This an approach does leave a section of your back exposed with the lace, so save that in mind prior to proceeding.

First, measure the back of your t-shirt to uncover the specific center, and cut straight up indigenous the hem with the collar.

Second, reduced out a piece of lace almost everywhere from two to five inches broad (depending on how much bigger you desire to do it) and also exactly one inch longer than the size of the shirt from collar to hem.

Fold over and also hem the top and bottom of the lace insert. The insert should now exactly enhance the size of the t-shirt.

Turn the t-shirt within out and also pin the open edge and also the lace with appropriate sides together. Stitch up every side of the lace inset and also then use a zigzag stitch to complete the raw edges.

If you space up because that a challenge, you can likewise make an even more elegant lace enhancement by making use of a lace gusset, or triangle-shaped insert, in ar of the level lace panel!

Add Length

A contempt too-short t-shirt might pose a trouble in countless situations, particularly if you must bend over while gardening, stocking shelves at work, or picking up a baby! Fortunately, adding extra length is one of the easiest means to alter a shirt.

All you need is a strip of fabric around five inches vast and as long as the circumference of the t-shirt’s hem, plus half an customs for seam allowance. You can use the bottom cut off of another t-shirt, and also you won’t even have come hem the add-on! Or friend can reduced out a strip of any matching or contrasting knit or lace and also hem its bottom edge.

For a sophisticated touch, you could likewise use a ruffle instead of a flat hem expander!

You will must sew the two quick ends the the add-on together with a ¼ customs seam allowance, developing a loop the same size as the bottom of the hem. Next, pin the appropriate side of the height of the interest to the wrong side of the hem. Then sew throughout the peak of the hem.

You will certainly have added several extra inches come the bottom of her t-shirt!

How to do a Button-down shirt Bigger

The easiest way to make a button-down larger is to employ the stretching techniques provided earlier. You can also shot one the the sewing alterations defined here. In all honesty, though, transforming a fitted dress shirt presents a challenge even to an competent seamstress.

If your shirt has shrunk (or you have actually grown) enough that extending won’t settle the issue, you might want to think about buying a brand-new one rather than trying to make your button-down enlarge by sewing.

If you want to learn just how to change shirts, you have to practice on many cheap thrift keep shirts prior to you cut up one of your favorite blouses.

Adding side Panels

Remember just how you reduced right increase the next seam of a t-shirt and included in a couple of inches from another t-shirt? You deserve to do that with a button-down, too! You have the right to use the same technique of cutting the end the side seam of an additional shirt, all the means through the sleeve, and then inserting this panel into your blouse.

You will have to remove the cuffs and also then reattach lock to finish this process, however.

It will most likely be quite tricky come find one more shirt that precisely matches her button-down fabric and pattern, for this reason you may want to insert a contrasting color for the next panels. Some DIYers even use something stretchy, like a henley, for the insert. This offers extra give and also comfort in the refashioned dress shirt.

If girlfriend feel all set for an progressed challenge, you can unpick the sleeves and use the product from the sleeves to make her side insert. The course, you would certainly then have a sleeveless button-down.

Will the end result look great? Let’s say that if you setup to wear your remodeled button-down come work, you must probably arrangement to stay a blazer over it. ~ above the various other hand, your button-down will certainly fit again!

Add a Gusset to the Back

Be warned, this an approach is not for the pass out of heart! However, if you have the patience and the sewing skills, friend can shot adding a gusset to the earlier of her button-down. This provides much more room in the bust of your blouse or fitted shirt.

Seamstresses occasionally use this an approach when altering wedding dresses. However, because that DIY sewers, any kind of project that entails messing with collars or sleeves might well be much more trouble 보다 it is worth.

In situation you desire to try, though, right here it is in very simple terms.

First, you will eliminate the collar and also cut around halfway down the center seam in ~ the shirt’s back.

Then insert a triangular piece of either corresponding or difference fabric and also sew the to each side the the open up seam.

The trickiest part will be changing the earlier of the collar come fit the broader back of the shirt.

How come Refashion a T-Shirt

If you desire a fast fix, a fun method to rescue your too-small t-shirt, or a fashion statement, you might want to consider customizing her t-shirt through scissors. This an approach allows you come refashion a too-small tee (or even a sweatshirt) in a fun, flirty, and decorative way!

Your creative thinking is the just limit to this process. You might use hundreds of various designs. Below are a few ideas to acquire you started!

You can reduced off the sleeves to produce a sleeveless tank. If the collar is as well tight, reduced that out, too, to provide yourself a rough-and-tumble tank!You can slice a tiered stack of thin slits simply in former of the next seam on each side, providing the tee simply a bit much more stretch in the waist area.You can cut a side slit in a t-shirt or sweatshirt by slicing a six-inch slit right up the next seam, creating simple flap that provides you an ext hip room.Do you recognize the peek-a-boo shirts v the holes over the height of her shoulders that room in style? You deserve to easily develop a peek-a-boo tee by cut an oval out of the peak of each shoulder.If you’re feeling artistic, you can place a plank or piece of special cardboard inside your t-shirt and use a handmade knife to part a tiered pattern from the center of the collar about halfway under to the hem. If you favor the watch (and the extra wiggle room it will give you while friend wear the tee!), you deserve to repeat the pattern on the ago of the shirt.Some gifted people cut angel wings or butterfly designs into their t-shirts utilizing this technique, too!

Can a Tailor make a shirt Bigger?

Tailors more than likely cannot make a dress shirt bigger. Tailors have the right to usually enlarge trousers by one or also two sizes since some pants space made through extra material sewn right into their seams. However, coats and also shirts usually perform not have any type of extra product in your seams.

A tailor have the right to make sleeves much shorter and make a dimension smaller, yet usually can not enlarge the garment. Friend have currently seen how tricky the is to reduced off sleeves and a collar and then reattach castle to transform a button-down. Even after all that work, you might not discover the result looking supervisor professional.

This is because any type of time you have actually to include fabric in, the shirt loser its initial lines and design. Tailors generally don’t desire to commit to a procedure that outcomes in a less-than-professional-looking product.

If girlfriend can’t buy a shirt that fits you just right, tailors recommend purchasing one half a dimension or a size too large. It’s much, much much easier to do a shirt smaller than that is to make it bigger!

That said, the average cost for a simple shirt alteration, such together shortening sleeves, is between fifteen and thirty dollars.

What else CanYou make Bigger?

If you feel favor going crazy on your wardrobe and making every your clothes fit you comfortably again, below are a few other projects to try!

To do a tank peak looser, simply cut a straight line under the next seams or under the front of the tank, and insert a pretty piece of crocheted lace. If that seems too frou-frou, you have the right to use the decorate slicing techniques defined for t-shirts ~ above a tank top, too!

To upsize a sweatshirt, shot the extending techniques defined earlier. Plenty of sweatshirts space made the end of cotton fleece, i beg your pardon responds well to soaking and stretching.

If her sweatshirt is made the end of really thin cotton fleece, you can cut a slit 3 or four inches under at the facility of the neckline, giving you a enlarge neck hole. Or you can reduced side slits in the elastic at the bottom of the hoodie to store it native riding increase whenever friend lift your arms.

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Want come stretch the end your pants, sweatpants, or even jeans? You deserve to buy a pant-stretching tool on Amazon that will do many of the work-related for you!

You have the right to also shot soaking the pants and also then putting them on when wet. They must stretch to fit you as they dry.


Are you ready to whip the end your scissors and slice up her old t-shirts? probably you uncover the prospect of sewing alterations difficult but would like to shot stretching your button-down to make it fit simply a little bit better. Either way, hopefully, you feeling confident around the countless different ways to make your shirts bigger!

Have friend tried a extending or sewing change before? Did that work? leaving a comment listed below to let united state know!