An Egyptian sarcophagus conjures images of pyramids and also mummies for numerous schoolchildren. An original Egyptian sarcophagus actually was make of rock and only later on was gold used for burying pharaohs. Other countries such as Greece likewise used this kind of burial coffin. Egyptian sarcophagi frequently had class of coffins inside each other, similar to Russian nesting dolls. The coffins were regularly decorated v signs and also symbols, in addition to valuables.

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Review the sarcophagus diagram or picture of a gold sarcophagus. Covering the job-related surface through newspaper. Ar the shoebox flat on the job-related surface through the peak on. Role out the clay into a long snake type and apply the clay to the sheet of the little craft mask. Ar the little craft mask on optimal of the shoebox toward one end and press it down so the clay flattens versus the shoebox and also holds the mask in place. There need to still be some room at the height of the box to decorate the headdress. Add more clay so any type of edges of the clay mask that carry out not reach the shoebox space filled and it becomes a heavy piece. Usage some additional clay come create one more snake form and attach to the chin that the mask to produce the beard for the face.

Paint the whole box, mask and also clay with the gold spray paint. Open the box and paint the inside of the box gold together well. Apply a 2nd coat together necessary. Permit the gold paint to dried completely. Placed the top ago onto the box. Adhesive the red teardrop jewel in the center at the peak of the shoebox above the mask. This is the jewel in the crown of the sarcophagus. Follow the diagram and also paint the rest of the headdress through blue stripes. Repaint the eyebrows, eyes and also the mustache of the mask v black paint.

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Choose a sample to paint on the remainder that the human body of the sarcophagus. Lines, symbols and letters have the right to be used. Alternating colors across the body or divide the human body into 4 parts and also paint symbols that are significant to the student. Decorate the political parties of the model with ceramic tiles, jewels, or Egyptian signs as desired. Collection aside to dry.

Sarcophagus diagram Shoebox little craft mask Newspaper Clay – 1 cup any type of color gold spray repaint Red teardrop-shaped jewel Black repaint Red paint Blue paint Paintbrushes craft tiles craft jewels White record napkins small doll

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