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Can anyone suggest me in the direction the a good tutorial because that making exhilaration & flame? Ideally I want something the looks choose this < attach >. I"ve experimented with several materials but can"t obtain it right.

BigLeeBlog link

The mystery is a cotton round not a polyester puff. Do a solution of 25% paint into water. Soak the cotton balls absorbing all the liquid. Collection out to dry. Once dry traction apart.

I don"t think the flames of war stuff look at very great – the pictures on the link look an extremely wispy, choose feathers and also don"t look like smoke come me at all.

Tabletop warrior"s technique sounds interesting, ns may try it, yet here"s my method:

Two materials you deserve to use. Very first is use cotton balls (medical ingredient from a pharmacy) or polyester pillow stuffing. I find the last is easier, yet you deserve to tease out, ie, pull apart the noodle to make it nice and also puffy.

If you desire a substantial high getting to puffy cloud, it"s difficult to make either product stand up high. I bought a role of copper – there can be something better use have the right to use as an "armature" and Wal-Mart crafts could have part rolled increase wire. I cut out squares – use thick cardboard – and using a mix of a glue gun and a hole through the base, strung up some copper cable to wake up high. The i glued the pillow stuffing/cotton roughly it. This makes it stand up.

Next you"ll need a can of black spray paint. Ns used design stuff, yet you can go come a a hardware or handmade store and also get some Krylon or craft spray paint. Spread apart the cotton or pillow stuffing until it looks prefer smoke. Host up and spray anywhere – ns lay mine the end on a newspaper, spray one side, let dry a job or a couple of hours and also then revolve over.

If you want to acquire adventurous, girlfriend could first spray with orange and also maybe yellow, concentrating on the bottom, and also then cover that v the black. Flame will most likely be much more concentrated in ~ the bottom. I"ve been making use of red noodle wool – Hamster bedding indigenous a pets store.

Here space a couple of photos of my ingredient – I like them better than the FOW stuff you showed, but of course I"m biased and you may not prefer it. These room polyester pillow stuffing:




CPT Jake06Mar2010 5:23p.m.PST

I usage steel wool.

Glue a clump come a basic (I usage washers). Traction into preferred shape. Spray repaint black. Usage orange and also reds and yellows follow me bottom.

Here is an instance of among my flame markers in use.



BigLee07Mar2010 3:10a.m.PST

Thanks because that the ideas. I"m having actually a go through the noodle wool suggestion now.

I may finish up buying the pre do stuff but I thought it was a little bit expensive because that what looked favor quite a little pack. I"d fairly save some money, have actually fun make my very own scenery, and also spend what I conserve on some much more miniatures.

Thanks again


Sgt Slag
07Mar2010 4:54p.m.PST

I did the similarly, however I put even less effort into it: I simply used black spray repaint on batting native a cloth store. The black spray repaint does not cover very well, i beg your pardon is specifically what you want, as it gives a varying black-to-gray-to-white shade variance. I just took a wad, placed it inside a box to aid contain the over-spray, and also hit it till I to be satisfied; you have the right to pull that apart, to vary it increase a bit. Sorry, no photo"s to share. Provide it a try. It is inexpensive, easy, fast, and it offers decent results. Apply yellow, orange, or even red paint, as needed/desired. Cheers!

SpaceCudet08Mar2010 3:36a.m.PST

I bought part acrylic wool from Hobbycraft. It came in balls and was a lot cheaper than the Battlefront stuff. Friend could likewise use it much more like the stole wool that CPT Jake suggests since you have actually a lot an ext of it.

Mark 130Jul2010 1:28p.m.PST

A little bit late replying to this subject (resurrecting this thread?), however I believed I might include my own an approach for flames and smoke, which is very cheap and produces eye-pleasing results.

First, some instances of the results:



For flame and also smoke I use cheap polyester yarn -- i buy only the cheap stuff -- all shiney and synthetic -- nobody of your fine wool yarns.

Buy the smallest amount friend can, in orange and also black. Acquire two shades of orange (one an ext yellow than the other) if girlfriend really want to go delux.

For microarmor range snip the yarn right into 1/4 or 1/2 customs segments. For bigger scales, snip more. Much better to snip the black right into slightly much longer segments 보다 the orange. Climate "frazzle" the yarn -- pull it personally … unravel it. Then placed one or 2 orange clumps through one or 2 black clumps. Squeeze and roll them in between your thumb and finger till they are all tangled up. Currently you have actually one smoking flame. Repeat together necessary.

I hook the under the barrel of a tank"s gun come designate a kill. Try to hook the orange, and drag the black color up right into the air. If girlfriend bought the cheap yarn (like ns told ya to!) it will be stiff sufficient to was standing on that is own.

I use just the black color yarn (not tangled with the orange) to show a disabling hit. Hook under the pistol to suggest a diabled turret. Hook under the hull to indicate a mobility kill.

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Two or three $0.69 USD bunches of yarn should last because that a couple of decades that gaming.