Pancake day is tomorrow and also social media will certainly be full of pictures and different recipes come honour this straightforward but delicious dish.

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I desire to contribute with the Spanish version, filloas, traditional from Galicia, in the phibìc of Spain.

I cooked these filloas you view in the snapshot on Saturday morning. It took me nothing as the recipe is simple but has all the timeless flavours! It to be a wonderful breakfast, by the way!

Filloas are comparable to the French crepes but thinner together they space made v wheat flour instead of buckwheat flour.

They deserve to be also sweet that savoury and also the fillings too. It’s a timeless dessert cook for Carnival and also during east in Spain.

Another properties of the filloas is that can be made as well with stock or blood. Yes, blood, no really popular now a days as the blood that was provided to cook them come from the pigs that were slaughtered in January or February.

Also, as filloas to be a humble dish, world used the ingredients they had at home. And also for example, to grease the frying pan they offered a part of lard. That gives the filloas a distinct flavour however you have the right to use butter or olive oil instead.

So, here is mine recipe. Very straightforward and easy yet I can guarantee friend won’t leave any kind of filloas on your plate!

For 8 filloas

250 ml milk

3 eggs

50 g wheat flour

A pinch the salt

A pinch of sugar

A tiny bit of butter or olive oil (or lard) come grease the frying pan.

You will require a huge bowl come mix all the ingredients and also a frying pan approximately 24 centimeter diameter.

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So, in a bowl, to win the eggs, include the milk and also whisk it up. Add the pinch the salt and also sugar and strain the flour on top. Then, whisk it up again until you obtain a smooth texture. Allow the mixture to rest for a fifty percent hour.

Then, grease the frying pan with a bit of butter and in a medium heat pour a large spoon that the mixture (like 35 g). Relocate the mixture approximately to cover all the surface of the frying pan. Let to cook and when you see the borders start to different from the pan and get a light brown colour, flip it over with your hands. Don’t be scared together it’s a rapid movement so girlfriend won’t burn yourself