fallout 3 has actually a nice spread of entirely unique weapons, one of which will surely fit right into your preferred build. These are the best of them.

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Fallout 3 unique Weapons
distinctive weapons are modified execution of standard weapons in autumn 3, typically granting higher base stats or a distinctive gimmick. Unlike fallout 4's system, these weapons are one of a kind and also can't it is in replicated by other weapons.

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fallout 3 has a huge roster of distinct weapons come compliment any build. Many of these weapons are fantastic and worth using, yet some distinct weapons space so strong that they are a must-have for any kind of playthrough. Indigenous nuke launchers to electric swords, right here are the best unique weapons in fallout 3. This article contains spoilers for fallout 3 and also its connected DLCs.

Updated July 3, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: It's genuinely surprising to check out just exactly how competent autumn 3's combat device really is, particularly when one takes right into account the fact that the game was released end a te ago! also now, roaming the funding Wasteland feels as dynamic and also entertaining together it feeling in 2008. That being said, one needs to admit that the combat of fallout 3 can devolve into a clunky and frustrating mess at times... Even with the use of mods! To minimize this concern, players can choose from a large swath that the ideal weapons in autumn 3. These end up being complete game-changers when it pertains to cranking the fun one experience in combat every the method to the max!

Shishkebab from fallout 3
among the most unique melee weapons in the video game that incinerates opponents with a basic swing, the Shishkebab is a must-have for any kind of player who desires their combat in autumn 3 to be more... Fiery. What provides this weapon even an ext unique space the parts forced to make it.

The weapon calls for a motorcycle gas tank, a motorcycle handbrake, a pilot light, and a lawnmower tongue to it is in crafted. The end result is a weapon the ignites opponents with every hit, which can transform combat right into a comedic showcase as the Lone Wanderer sends human being scampering in a bid come quench this flames.

Deathclaw Gauntlet from autumn 3
The Deathclaw Gauntlet is among Fallout 3's finest weapons that has attained a massive level that fame among the autumn fandom as among the most well-known melee weapons in the series. The idea of utilizing a severed Deathclaw hand together a makeshift weapon is conveniently one that the many novel and interesting ideas the franchise has played around with.

It need to be no surprise that the Deathclaw Gauntlet is the the strongest unarmed weapon in the game. With a fair bit of luck — both literally and also figuratively — the an important hits score by this weapon will median instant death for the bulk of opponents that space unlucky sufficient to overcome the Lone Wanderer's path.

A Fat male from the autumn series
speak of iconic tools in the autumn series, one can't fail to cite this mini-nuke launcher that's conveniently one of the most devastating weapons in the entire game through a nation mile. The Fat male is notorious among the autumn fanbase due to its devastating capabilities.

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This weapon must only it is in used versus a team of opponents who are additional back. Do the efforts to aim at close-range enemies will certainly spell the player's doom. Making use of this weapon in VATS is not recommended either, since it'll finish up lacking the target much more often 보다 not.

Rock-It Launcher in Fallout
among the most an innovative and ideal guns in fallout 3, the Rock-It Launcher is a must-have for any type of player who might be feeling a little of fatigue from autumn 3's combat system. The fact that it allows players come fire off every the junk item in their inventory renders it even much more useful together a weapon.

The only difficulty with the Rock-It Launcher is that it have the right to only be crafted, with no pre-made models available in the game. However, accumulating the materials for this weapon is an ext than worth it due to the sheer entertainment value afforded by this weapon.

Mothership Zeta is among the best DLCs for Fallout 3, permitting players to tackle otherworldly hazards in terrific expansion that bolsters the high quality of the key game also further. This add-on brings v it a ton of brand-new weapons together well... Including the aforementioned Alien Disintegrator.

city hall the Lone Wanderer's opponents turn come ash with a couple of choice shots from extraterrestrial Disintegrator is enough to share this as one of Fallout 3's distinctive weapons. When there's a fully automatic different of this rifle also — referred to as the Destabilizer — the base type of this weapon is may be superior.

The Electro Suppressor might be the many underrated distinctive weapon in fallout 3. Acquired during the Mothership DLC in the ship's engine room, the Electo-Suppressor is a distinctive stun baton the knocks opponents off their feet when it floor a vital hit.

it only has actually a vital multiplier the x1, but critical builds can still take full benefit of this weapon. A single crucial strike knocks an opponent to the ground for 2 seconds, not taking right into account the moment it takes because that an adversary to get ago up. If you critically hit while an enemy is down, the stun timer resets. This allows an essential builds to stunlock every enemy to death. Supervisor Mutants, Deathclaws, essentially every enemy in autumn 3 deserve to be stunned through this weapon.

if the win Rifle has actually a lower an important multiplier 보다 its contemporaries, it an ext than provides up for the loss in damage with its tripled weapon durability and also innate knockdown impact upon landing a crucial hit.

Sniper rifles room in a an excellent spot in autumn 3, packing a significant punch along with solid critical stats. Knocking under targets v the win Rifle is rather usual with the appropriate build, making threats such together Deathclaws trivially straightforward to transaction with. Football player can find this sniper rifle in the sniper shack overlooking Rockbreaker's critical Gas. It will certainly be in a 100-skill locker.

for a small revolver, Callahan's Magnum is quickly one that the strongest tools in autumn 3. This weapon deals more damage than any kind of sniper rifle in the game, including variants.

dealing a chuck 65 damages per shot and retaining the fire rate of a .44 Magnum, Callahan's Magnum is the best small Gun in the game. Obtaining this weapon will require you to open up a hard safe in the Citadel ruins after ruining it in the broken Steel DLC.


12 Paulson's Revolver

Fallout 3 Paulson Via: GuidesForUsAll (YouTube)
Callahan's Magnum might be the strongest tiny Gun ~ above paper, but Paulson's Revolver manages to take the command if football player can uncover a way to reliably crit. Girlfriend can discover it top top Paulson throughout the Mothership Zeta DLC.

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comparable to the metal Blaster, Paulson's Revolver fires ripe projectiles through every shot instead of one. This way each pellet have the right to independently crit, a common occurrence because of this weapon's x2 crucial multiplier. As soon as it does crit, prepare to transaction a truckload that damage. A crucial hit deals 35 added damage through this gun, ten less than the whole round does by itself. If friend can acquire all ripe shots come critically fight on Paulson's Revolver, this total turns into a pocket damaging Shotgun that deserve to one-shot most unarmed targets.

In regards to raw damage, the experimental MIRV is by much the strongest gun in fallout 3. This weapon fires no one but eight Mini Nukes v each shot, dealing 1,610 damage per projectile. The amount of damage is sufficient to instantly kill every foe in the game.

Sadly, it also means the weapon have the right to kill you fairly easily. Using this weapon up-close is suicide since the explosions transaction so lot damage. It also uses eight that the rarest ammo type in the game for every shot. Pick this weapon up from the national Guard depot come trivialize any type of encounter, however make sure to was standing clear of the blast radius.

assault rifles room the defacto selection for plenty of Fallout 3 players as result of their integrity and easily accessible ammo type. The Xuanlong attack Rifle is the best assault rifle in the game and also one the the most dependable tools in fallout 3.

v a DPS rating that 96, this weapon packs a significant punch for a rapid-fire little Gun. The weapon's 5.56mm rounds room so abundant in the funding Wasteland the this weapon never runs right into ammo problems. Friend can find this gun on Prime's human body in the Jury Metro terminal after you finish Jiggs' prey quest.

similar to the Xuanlong assault Rifle, the A3-21's Plasma Rifle is just one of Fallout 3's many reliable weapons. Together a variant of the conventional Plasma Rifle, the A3-21 variant come bundled through five additional damage, much better durability, and also has a vital multiplier the x2.5.

similar to most Plasma weapons, the A3-21 is incredibly ammo efficient. A single shot will certainly take down most fodder enemies. Tougher foes go down in secs thanks to this weapons good DPS stat of 100. If friend love energy Weapons, there's no factor not to use this weapon. Harkness uses it in Rivet City. Perfect The Replicated man quest can grant this weapon based upon which finishing you receive.

perfect the point Lookout DLC awards the Microwave Emitter. This distinct Energy Weapon fires a deadly gamma wave that disintegrates targets.

It transaction 60 damages per shot, further amplified by that 2x an essential multiplier and also 100 extra crucial damage stat. This is likewise one the the couple of weapons in fallout 3 that ignores damage Resistance entirely. Whether it's a Ghoul or an Enclave soldier, the Microwave Emitter will make brief work that them.

after a fair little bit of expedition in the Museum that History, girlfriend can find the an effective Lincoln Repeater rifle. A base damage of 50, a critical multiplier of x2, and a vital damage bonus of 50 do this the the strongest precision rifle in the game.

This every comes at the cost of using the fairly uncommon .44 Magnum ring ammunition type. Need to you come across a the majority of .44 ammo, consider using the Lincoln Repeater and blowing targets to shreds with its high damages per shot. That can additionally be used as a descoped sniper rifle due to its perfect accuracy rating.

steel Blaster is a distinct variant that the Laser Rifle the fires ripe lasers per shot instead of one. It transaction 55 damage per shot, over double of the typical Laser Rifle bowl out, and also a higher an important damage bonus the 27.

This weapon begs for a crucial build to wield it. If every shot crits, this gun deals 298 damage a shoot or over 600 DPS. Better yet, this weapon's projectile spread is practically non-existent. Every one of this weapon's beams pole together once fires, definition it can be offered as a destructive mid-range weapon. If this weapon wasn't for this reason ammo hungry, it would certainly be even higher on this list.

completing the procedure Anchorage DLC will give you Jingwei's Shocksword. Stat-wise, this weapon is very similar to the Shishekebab, although it deals shock damages instead of fire—one the the just weapons in autumn 3 v this damages type. This weapon transaction 35 damages per swing alongside two points the shock damage per 2nd for 5 seconds.

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Jingwei's Shocksword becomes truly exceptional when it is paired through stealth. Using the Ninja perk and various stealth bonuses, you have the right to deal therefore much damage with this blade that it have the right to one-shot almost every foe in the game.

Deathclaw Sanctuary hold the distinct Vengeance laser cannon. This weapon has one the the greatest DPS worths in the game, qualified of dishing out 220 damages per 2nd with no ability investment or perks. Couple of enemies have the right to survive the rage of this weapon for much more than a few seconds. Just be prepared to frequently run the end of electron charges while making use of this weapon as result of Vengeance's high fire rate.

The satisfying combat shotgun has actually a an excellent unique variant called the damaging Shotgun. Handle 80 damage per shot, the terrible Shotgun is a powerhouse against unarmored targets in nearby quarters.

However, this weapon goes from a good weapon to an overpowered monster as soon as paired v stealth crucial hits. Anytime the disastrous Shotgun critically hits, each pellet receives its vital damage bonus. Through critical-based perks and a high tiny Guns skill, this weapon can deal 1,240 damages a shot. That is enough damage to instantly kill every enemy kind in the game. Pick this weapon increase from smiling Jack at Evergreen Mills.

compared to various other top-tier energy Weapons prefer the A3-21 Plasma Rifle and also the Wazer Wifle, the MPLX Novasurge is leagues above its competition.

acquired from the Mothership Zeta DLC, this plasma pistol deals a whopping 80 damage per shot and also can fire 3 times a second. A DPS value of 240 is unheard of because that a handheld weapon, however the MPLX Novasurge additional delivers with its 3x an important multiplier and 75 an important damage bonus. Every power Weapon develop can take advantage of this gun, particularly those the utilize an essential hits.

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while the Firelance is a unique variant the the alien Blaster, just one typical Alien Blaster exists in fallout 3, so we're counting it together a unique weapon. Obtained from one of two people the alien Crash website or Adams Air pressure Base, the alien Blaster has actually one of the highest DPS values in the game at 300.

the DPS worth is not accountancy for this weapon's 100-damage an essential hits that happen with every shot. Improving this weapon v perks deserve to make this weapon annihilate virtually every adversary in the game with a solitary shot. The alien Blaster is versatile, transaction an obscene quantity of damage, and doesn't require any kind of investment through perks or skills.

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