Install: clock our Installation Video for step-by-step indict on just how to install your feather extensions or hair feathers. 

Remove: squeeze the micro-link in the contrary direction using pliers from our Feather extension Tool Kit. As soon as the micro-link opens, grab the feather extension from the tip and slide out. 



As her hair normally grows, the micro-links will no longer be inserted on the scalp. You are now ready for Maintenance. This is excellent by reusing your existing feather extensions and also moving the micro-link back up to the scalp. This is a an extremely simple process and can be done quickly at home using our Feather expansion Tool Kit.



Your Feather Hair Extensions can last 4-6 weeks or much longer with maintenance. All of our feather extensions can be washed, brushed, blow-dried, straightened, curled and are pool/lake-friendly. Once using heat, use precaution. We recommend making use of the lowest warmth heating ~ above your device or as much as 450 degrees. 

The feather blend naturally right into your hair and also easily be forget about. Be aware of the micro-link and placement when washing and also brushing. Try no to brush over the micro-link. Be careful when at the roots and when pulling the end a ponytail. 

Feathers need to be treated delicately. They might break, just prefer real hair. Treat with care & protect against petting. This have the right to loosen their bond and also cause feathers to autumn out. 

All Feather Earrings are created to withstand day-to-day elements. Real rooster feathers are really soft and beg the fist to it is in petted. That is no recommended to stroke or pet your feather earrings because that this have the right to loosen their bond and cause feather to autumn out. 


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Over time her hair feather or feather earrings will kind to the place they space left or stored in. Eliminate them from their storage and also simply straighten them utilizing a level iron before use.

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Those who have actually been structure up your feather repertoire for some time could need miscellaneous bigger than our packaging. For the perfect security box the you can additionally travel with, us love this " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" style="color: #6fa8dc;">storage box.