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You might not be able to. Several of the newer vehicles have actually a plug in place of a dipstick for "dealer company only." If over there is a dipstick it should be towards the earlier on the passenger next of the engine top top the Equinox.

Ok that"s just good this ewuinox is a item of shit will never buy one more Chevy product again have had nothing however problems v it from job one

the dipstick is in ~ the front of engine under battery crate by engine that yellow and has 1 bolt holding that in.

GuruD is correct, in addition the dipstick is ~ above left next of tranny just below the motor mount. Over there is a bolt hold the dipstick in place. 2 man job. 1 below to organize socket in place, 1 over with long extension and also ratchet to loosen bolt. Then use a small funnel with lengthy tube to to fill while the person below holds the tube in place and also check while filling

found that if you eliminate the front engine mount the dipstick is simple to access, together opposed using extensions from above, the dipstick does have cold to fill markings

My 2012 chevy equinox has 73 thousand miles and I to be driving down the road and also it just kicked out of gear ?? fine my nephew claimed to revolve off the motor and also remove the key for a couple of min and also I did and also it started working again for a couple of miles and also then the inspect engine light come on and also I had actually it checked and it is a p0796 which method low fluid or dirty filter or solenoid. Guess how much to readjust the filter and solinoid? 600.00 in ~ a transmission place yet chevy said parts are 371.00 with labor added. I have actually not had one difficulty with my auto until this take place 4 work ago. Currently I"m one pissed turn off woman.

First off ns feel bad for you, you gift a woman you space at a disadvantage and many a young male as well. I have been a mechanic every my adult years (70 now) and I teach both mine son and also daughter a lot of basics which conserved them some heart ache. Machines do have issues and can break down, my advice is to an initial take the auto to a individually own mechanics shop or reputable mechanic, have them to examine the fluid level and possible leaks. Sometimes the most basic thing have the right to cause huge problems. Once I take it my equinox through a car wash, the sunlight roof leaked enough to wet the shifter top top the console, had actually to wait about 20 minutes to allow it come dry, never had had another problem v shifter. An excellent luck and God bless

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