There space a couple of reasons why we would want to take it the cabs off of our classic trucks. The main being a framework off restoration and the second being we desire to sandblast and also clean increase the frame. Friend may have actually some frame damages from a wreck your truck may have been associated in throughout its 50 to add year life that you must repair or you just want to see if you have the right to pull it off to look at underneath.

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What room the procedures to pull the cab turn off of my truck?

Unbolt cab mountsRemove hood and doors, chair etc.Disconnect wiring, eliminate batteryDisconnect clutch rod, parking brake,speedo cableRemove steering shaftDrain eliminate radiatorRemove front clipRun 4×4 write-up thru cab Lift v hoist

That sound so simple, lets get in greater information of these easy steps.

Unbolt Cab Mounts

Lets get started. Friend will want to spray under the cab bolts v WD40 or the choose a few days before loosening them. If lock haven’t been gotten rid of for a while climate they are more than likely seized up. Hope this will save you some scraped knuckles and also having to hack observed they off.

Remove The Hood, Doors, seat etc.

The lighter you deserve to make the cab the simpler this project will be. This likewise gives you better access to every the locations you will be working. You specifically want to remove your seat so friend don’t get any type of tears in it.

Disconnect Wiring, eliminate Battery

Some trucks will have the battery in the cab and under the floor. Regardless it’s ideal practice to eliminate your battery together you don’t want an accident through battery acid.

Disconnect Clutch Rod, Parking Brake, Speedometer Cable

Now were gaining the cave of it, whatever must go. That is a genuine pain and dangerous when you have actually your truck cab lifted up a foot and see friend still have something hanging on favor a speedo cable.

Remove Steering Shaft

These have the right to be a tiny tough sometimes if they haven’t to be remover because that a while. You may need a pickle fork or a little ingenuity to complete this task. Remember the most significant auto component stores have actually loaner tool programs to assist you out.

Drain remove Radiator

Now you will acquire a real an excellent idea of how your antifreeze mix looks. If you have any discoloring prefer “rust” it’s a great idea to arrangement on replacing it. Ask her auto components store male what the rules space for ridding you yourself of the old antifreeze.

Remove prior Clip

Here is wherein you will start stripping and snapping off old bolts if that clip hasn’t been removed before. Again girlfriend will want to have sprayed them through WD40 s job or two prior to trying to eliminate them.

Run 4×4 short article Thru Cab

I ran throughout a couple different homemade lifting aids that looked pretty basic to build and seemed quite safe. You have the right to run a 4×4 with your cab and also attach eye bolts top top the outsides the them come lift from. To do it more stable you can use two 4×4’s attached by 2×4’s on the ends and also put her eyebolts through the 2x4s come lift from. The cab v out doors and glass weighs a tiny over 300 pounds for this reason this will be an easy lift.

The other way we talked about was lifting your cab corners and running 4×4’s underneath and setting them top top stands. I believe this deserve to be done safely if your setting the 4×4’s ~ above something much more stable like steel or heavy duty sawhorses. If that feels sketchy climate rethink and also make it much more stable. Lifting this method also gives you the stands you require to set the cab on for working.

Lift with Hoist Or Hyster

The easiest method would be to use a forklift or a loader tractor yet how numerous of us very own one or have access to one. If you want to lift her cab it might be a great time come buy a 2 ton cherry picker and some lumber through a few other parts to do a for sure lifting apparatus.

Is It for sure To remove Our Cabs

Removing a cab is simply like any kind of thing rather we do on ours trucks, there room some ways of doing the job that are a lot much safer than others.

I was simply reading in a forum of someone explaining exactly how he lifted up each corner of his cab with jacks, then put jack stands with 4×4’s across them. That went on come say exactly how wobbly that was and also he was concerned the entirety time of it falling. It is a an excellent way to remove a cab however I would certainly use metal saw horses on the corners for stability.

Accidents happen very fast. If your unsure that the stability of just how your act the pick, then stop and find a safer and better way to carry out it.

Why We remove Our Cabs

There are a couple of reasons why we would desire to eliminate the cab native our van frame. If you want to carry out a framework off repair its as with it says, every little thing is eliminated off of the structure including the bed, cab, and also any thing else that is attached should come off.

When the cab is removed you will have the ability to get a better look under it and give that a thoroughly inspection for rust, metal fatigue, repairs from former mishaps it may have actually been involved in. This provides it a lot much easier to do any kind of metal patch repair or big area metal replacements together you will have the ability to tip it to far better angles to occupational on.

You may uncover after you have removed the cab the it is too far gone v rust or various other problems and that it will be much less work to discover a instead of cab. If the rust has actually damaged it so lot that it will certainly be hard to do it stable even with replacement metal patches ns would definitely look because that a instead of cab.

Its also a great time to provide the under of the cab a thorough cleaning and also lay on a coating that protection choose POR 15. This is their product the I have used on frames and under the cabs. Its easy to use and also is dries really hard and also durable.

NEW POR-15 Gray Rust Preventive paint Gallon POR15

Now you have complete accessibility to the frame for a an excellent thorough vapor cleaning to see if you have actually rust troubles forming of any type of kind or frame damages that requirements to it is in taken care of. Once the framework is clean POR 15 will give you a good seal and rust protection.

Final Thoughts

To truly gain to all the nooks and crannies on our van we must pull the cabs off. Correctly it is a many work but if girlfriend have any concerns the rust or other problems and also you have the way to perform it i would carry out it. Have actually a few neighbors over because that a barbecue and ask them because that a hand, anyone likes to get associated in someones project. Happy Trucking!

The device Box

When us lift our cabs and also beds off we require something genuine stable to set them on if we’re working. Having 4 of these under the corners will certainly give an ext than enough capacity to conveniently hold the weight and are an extremely stable. I have actually tried to usage the plastic folding kind and also they room nothing an ext than an accident waiting to happen.

Toughbuilt TB-C500 Sawhorse with 2×4 support Arms 1100 LB Capacity

A couple of these inexpensive jacks will be a good help in lifting the cab or any kind of thing else were functioning on.

BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack through Blow Mold delivering Storage Case, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity, Red

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