Wanting to take treatment of the tiny maintenance to be made to her motor automobile is coming to be a lot more regular. Indeed, the annual budget invest in a vehicle is substantial, therefore wanting to fix it on your own shows up to it is in a great idea. Nevertheless it’s to access your fuel pump, change your seat, to wash a stain, or extraordinarily transport bulky things, few of you space thinking around how to eliminate the back seat top top Ford F 150 .

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us will try on this web page to provide you the different choices depending ~ above the year and series of your Ford F 150 .

How to eliminate the earlier seat on Ford F 150 v bolt system

Let’s begin with the first scenario. If you room attempting to find a technique to eliminate the behind seat of your Ford F 150 i beg your pardon is fixed just by 4 bolts, the procedure is most definitely the easiest. Indeed, to execute this, friend just have to unscrew the two nuts at the earlier of your seat, available from her trunk, utilizing a Torx bit. Then unscrew the 2 nuts in ~ the front of the seat, which space based under the seat in ~ the level that the passenger footwell. This will allow you come completely totally free it native its fasteners and take it off.

How to eliminate the earlier seat Ford F 150 v clip system

Technique now a little more an overwhelming because we tend to be cynical of ties the are resolved in force, frequently scared come pull also hard and break one. How execute I remove the earlier seat of my Ford F 150 that has a clip system? In most situations these clips will be based under the seat, you will check out them when you elevator the chair of the bench. This clips are often composed that a plastic part and a metal iron that clips in it, to relax them friend will have to press ~ above the plastic component with a screwdriver and also pull the metal part. On some series if this tactic no work, in basic pulling will be enough to relax them.

How to remove the rear seat Ford F 150 v folding device with bolts just at the front

Finally, the last process to take out the behind seat of her Ford F 150 , part years have actually a urgently seat that is not resolved on the behind part, in such a case, it is the easiest method you deserve to have come realise. You will only should tilt the seat to the front and you will have accessibility to the Torx nuts that hold it to the vehicle’s chassis.

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when these nuts space unscrewed, friend should be able to remove the behind seat of her Ford F 150 .That’s it, now you should have all the info you need to remove the rear seat of her motor auto without problem. If you space seeking to dismantle other parts favor the bumper of your Ford F 150 , we have also made some tutorials to help you in this missions.To get an ext tips top top the Ford F 150 , take a look in ~ the Ford F 150  category.