Archive and Unarchive NOOK content on

Digital content that you"ve purchased from Barnes & Noble, such as NOOK publications or NOOK Newsstand titles, deserve to be accessed in your NOOK Library on after you sign right into your account.  From her NOOK Library, you have the option to archive your acquisition NOOK content.

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Archiving - Archiving content clears the paper from the current device, saving room on your device memory, and additionally removes the contents thumbnail image presented in Library.  items that have actually been archived are only obtainable from the Archive classification of the dropdown options in the height left area the Library.  Archiving is a safe and effective method to minimize used storage and also manage the visual contents that is displayed in Library.  Archived items have the right to be returned to your Library at any type of time by unarchiving them.

Archiving vs. Deleting Content

Deleting a book, periodical, or application will permanently eliminate it from her account and also cannot be undone.  You would require to re-purchase the location again to accessibility the content that has been deleted.

Instead of deleting, think about using the "Archive" or "Move to cloud" option.  Archiving and moving content to the cloud keeps a copy of your contents in your account, while removing all yet the most an easy information around the publication (such as its cover, title, author, and also description) from your NOOK.  You can unarchive or re-download a book at any time, so her reading product is never ever lost.

How come Archive a Title

  1.  Click right here to navigate to your NOOK Library on You may be request to sign in to her account.

  2.  your NOOK Library organizes your digital content by Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Apps and Catalogs.  come expand any kind of of this categories, click the adjacent "See All" link.

  3.  situate the location you would favor to archive, and then click the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the image.


  4.  A menu appears displaying alternatives to "Archive" or "Delete".  Click Archive. 


       A confirmation message shows up stating the the title has actually been effectively archived.

Please note: contents that has actually been archived will certainly not show up in your Library until they have actually been unarchived.

How come Unarchive a Title

  1.  To unarchive content, very first click the category that the content belongs to in ~ the peak of her Library Page.  Categories include Books, Magazines, Newspapers, movies & TV Shows, and Catalogs.

  2.  After clicking on the category, click the "Active" dropdown menu and also select "Archived".  This displays every one of your archived contents for this category.

  3.  find the content girlfriend would prefer to unarchive and also then click the Settings icon in the reduced left corner of the image, together pictured above.

  4.  A menu appears displaying alternatives to "Make Active" or "Delete".  Click make Active.

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  5.  Your content is now accessible from your Library.  To open the title, usage the dropdown food selection again to navigate earlier to the "Active" page.For details about how come permanently delete content, click here.