French is a super vital language for any international business. In this article, we shine a irradiate on over 30 various French expression to aid you do business all throughout the globe.
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Is your service looking to increase its borders? If so, possibilities are you and also your “personnel” will desire to begin commandeering some brand-new languages to assist your international organization relations. And also if yes one language you’ll desire to have a solid understanding of, that French. Although not as popular as English or Chinese, French is a hugely vital language in the company world. Unfortunately, it’s additionally a complicated language with a lot of formal nuances you’ll have to abide by, particularly when making use of it in a experienced environment. To assist you out, here’s a crash food in business French, including a perform of handy French expressions and words you require to recognize for service purposes.

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“Bonjour” is a really common phrase. However make certain you know how to use it properly: French people strictly use “bonjour” (meaning great day) as soon as a day. Come casually greet someone, top top the various other hand, consider using “salut.” Also, remember the handshakes are common and expected in many business/professional situations. In more informal situations, you may greet someone with kisses ~ above the cheek; usually 2, starting on the left cheek.



Remember, choose German, Spanish, and a bunch of other languages, French has 2 creates of greeting a person; tu (informal) or vous (formal). When an initial meeting someone (or whenever in doubt top top which kind to use) it’s always best come stick to vous. If a person prefers girlfriend to deal with them using tu, they’ll likely cite it. Alternatively, you have the right to pay extra attention to the conversation approximately you and gauge which kind they’re using, climate adapt. Because that now, it’s for sure to say that it is still common for human being to usage vous in organization settings. Yet keep in psychic that part smaller providers or younger staff may prefer making use of tu instead. Also, remember that monsieur (sir) and madame (ma’am) are generally used in formal meetings, much much more so than their English equivalents.

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Note that the French word for firm is “société,” which is also used to refer to society. Alternatively, you might hear the word “entreprise” or, in an ext informal circumstances, is boîte. Here are the French title of part common species of companies:

“Une société par actions”- A joint-stock company“Une société à responsabilité limitée”- A limited-liability company“Une multinationale”- A multinational company“Une maison mère”- A parent company“Une combination (à yet non lucratif)”- A non-profit organization“PME (Petite et moyenne entreprise) “- SMB – little and medium-sized business


A company is obviously made up of a selection of people and departments. Here are some an easy French words to aid you express to civilization or agency departments correctly:

“Le personnel”- The staff“La succursale”- The branch“Comité de direction”- Top monitoring (or “codir” for short)“Le organization marketing”- The marketing department“Les solutions de vente”- The sales department“La comptabilité”- accountancy (or “compta” in short)“Le organization de contentieux”- The legitimate department“Le business de ressources humaines”- person resources department“Stagiaires”- Interns“Un employeur”- A employer“Les employés “- The employees“Un apprenti”- an apprentice“PDG (président-directeur général)”- CEO


Money is an important part of business. Below are some essential French words to aid you when talking about great ol’ cash:

“Le bulletin de salaire”- The salary slip“Le salaire”- The salary“Le registre du personnel”- The payroll“Un licenciement”- A layoff/“Une avance”- An advancement payment“Un règlement par virement bancaire”- A payment via financial institution transfer



Phone calls space a basic component of everyday business. Right here are some basic phrases you’ll require to recognize in order to connect to the right person via the phone:

“Allô?”- Hello. Note that this is yes, really informal, and shouldn’t be supplied in business.“Au revoir.”- Goodbye.“Pourrais-je parler à ______ ?”- may I speak through ______?“C’est de la component de qui ?”- who calling?“C’est ______ à l’appareil.”- that _______ calling.“Je vous le passe.”- I’ll put you through.“Ne quittez pas.”- please hold. The literal translation is “don’t leave.”“La ligne est occupée.”- The heat is busy.“Pourriez-vous rappeler”- have the right to you speak to back?“Est-ce qu’il/elle peut me rappeler?”- deserve to he/she speak to me back?“Voulez-vous laisser un message?”- would you like to leaving a message?“Mon numéro téléphone est le _____. “- mine telephone number is _____.


“AU TEMPS to water MOI”This method “it’s my fault” and also is a really necessary phrase to know. If you take place to do a mistake, use this phrase to very own up to and also then relief everyone you’ll have it sorted immediately.ExampleEnglish: “The meeting will take place tomorrow in ~ 8 am. Mine bad, it has actually been cancelled.”French: “La réunion aura lieu demain à huit heures. Au temps pour moi, elle a été annulée.”

“SE TENIR AU COURANT”Meaning “to keep each other updated,” this is a an excellent phrase once making future plans. Because that example, girlfriend would use “se tenir au courant” once agreeing to meet with a company partner following week without actually settling on a date.ExampleEnglish: “I will save you updated concerning the following meeting.”French: “Je vous tiens au courant to water la prochaine réunion.”

“JE VOUS RECONTACTERAI”This means “I’ll get ago to you” and is used regularly in company meetings or other experienced settings. You could use this expression, because that example, after being presented with an opportunity that you have to think over before accepting/declining.ExampleEnglish: “I will certainly get earlier to you must I have actually any an ext questions.”French: “Je vous recontacterai si j’ai d’autres questions.”

16 comfortable FRENCH WORDS regarded BUSINESS

“Le voyage d‘affaires”- The company trip“Le client”- The client“L’acheteur”- The buyer“Le vendeur”- The seller“L’associé”- Partner“Le bénéfice”- Profit“Les biens”- The assets“La réunion”- The meeting“Le chiffre d’affaire”- Sales/ turnover“Le concurrent”- Competitor“Créer une entreprise”- To collection up a business“Faire faillite”- To walk bankrupt“Les frais”- Fees“L’impôt”- Tax“La formation”- Training“La marque déposée”- Registered trademark