It’s constantly nice to wish someone a happy birthday on their one-of-a-kind day but why not perform it in a language that method something to them.As well together wishing your loved one a happy birthday in Farsi (Iranian Persian), why not also sing the Farsi variation of the happy birthday song!

You could additionally get her loved one a Farsi birthday Card. This is tied to make their day!

How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Farsi

To great someone a happy date of birth in Farsi, you have the right to say:EnglishFarsiPronunciationHappy date of birth (informal)تولدت مبارکTavalodet mobarakHappy birthday (formal)تولدتون مبارکTavalodetoon mobarak
To listen the together of these phrases, examine out the listed below video. Skip come 0:56 for the pronunciation:

You’d usage the informal kind if you’re speaking v a friend or peer. You’d usage the formal type if you’re speak to one elder or someone you don’t know an extremely well.These phrases are by far the most common means to wish someone a happy birthday in Farsi but they actually usage some Arabic loanwords. You will sometimes additionally hear this phrase which is pure Farsi however isn’t offered as much:EnglishFarsiPronunciationHappy birthdayزادروزت خجسته بادZaadroozat khojaste baad
Alternatively, girlfriend can likewise use few of these phrases:

EnglishFarsiPronunciationMay friend live because that 100 year (informal)صد سال زنده باشیSad saal zende baashiMay girlfriend live for 100 years (formal)صد سال زنده باشینSad saal zende baashinBirthdayتولدTavallod

It is typical to speak to someone ‘may girlfriend live because that 100 years’ on your birthday. This is a an excellent way to greet who on your birthday or a great phrase to placed in a birthday card.

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How To sing Happy date of birth In Farsi

If you want to go the extra mile for her loved one or friend, shot singing the happy birthday tune in Farsi. Check out the video clip below come hear the Farsi date of birth song:
Here’s the lyrics so you can sing along:

تولد، تولدتولدت مبارکمبارک مبارکتولدت مبارکلبت شاد و دلت خوشتو گل پرخنده باشیبیا شمعا رو فوت کنکه صد سال زنده باشیThis is pronounced:“Tavallod, tavallodTavallodet mobaarakMobaarak mobaarakTavallodet mobaarak

Delet shado labet khoshCho gol por khande baashiBiyaa sham’a ro fut kon,Ke sad saal zende baashi!”This equates to:“Birthday, birthdayHappy birthdayHappy happyHappy birthdayMay her lips it is in happy and also your heart joyful,and be constantly laughing choose a flowerCome on blow the candles,may friend live to it is in 100 years!”

Iranian date of birth Traditions

Birthday traditions deserve to be very important to many world on their birthdays. Come make your loved one feel extra distinct you deserve to also shot this Iranian birthday tradition.A usual Iranian birthday tradition is celebrating on the eve! This means people in Iran will regularly celebrate your birthdays the day prior to their yes, really birthday. This includes having celebrations, parties, gift providing – all prior to the huge day!Thanks for analysis this short article on how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Farsi. It’s a an excellent idea to make the effort to learn how to speak this in someone’s native language or a language that way something to them.

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