Traditional Easter greetings in Ukrainian are completely different indigenous our usual Добрий день. Ukrainians love Easter and also have a variety of traditions associated with it. No wonder – it is one of the biggest and also oldest Christian holidays. In this short article you will find a means to greet your Ukrainian family and friends.

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Христос воскрес! – Christ has actually risen!

This is what you to speak if you room greeting an additional person first. As you know, Ukrainians are mainly Orthodox Christians. The very first one to say the is the monk after the midnight mass. The congregation answers the following:

Воістину воскрес! – without doubt He has risen! 

This is the just appropriate solution to Христос воскрес. You have the right to hear different pronunciations:

воістину / воїстину

воскрес / воскресе



We store greeting each various other in this way for the 3 days the the holiday. If you space celebrating with civilization you recognize well, after these words you deserve to kiss each various other three times on alternate cheeks.

If girlfriend feel prefer Христос воскрес is too spiritual for you, try the adhering to Easter greetings. They room becoming more popular in large cities where people don’t walk to churches that often.

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З Великоднем!
– Happy Easter!

As you know, the preposition з” deserve to be provided with any kind of holiday. Ukrainians simply put that in former of the occasion.

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Зі святом Великодня /
Пасхи! – Happy Easter!

As a issue of fact, there space two translations because that Easter: Великдень and Пасха. Пасха is stated to it is in a Jewish surname while Великдень is the Christian one. However, both of lock are common nowadays. Watch out! don’t mix increase Пасха Easter and also паска Easter bread.

Вітаємо з Великоднем! – Congratulations ~ above Easter!

Do girlfriend remember the word вітаємо? It method to congratulate and can be provided with every holiday. 



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Now you room all collection for her Easter holidays in Ukraine.