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Ah… those three tiny words ❤

Some civilization have dubbed ‘I love you’ the most powerful three native in the English language.

It’s also one that the most common phrases civilization want to learn in a foreign language.

So, how execute you speak I love you in Japanese?

It could not surprised you to recognize that confessing your love in Japanese is a small bit more complex than English ?

Let’s take a look at the various ways to say it!

Ai shiteru (愛してる)

The phrase you could know native anime or textbooks is ai shiteru (愛してる / あいしてる ), or ai shiteru yo for emphasis.

This is the most literal way to say i love you in Japanese.

The kanji personality ai (愛) method love. If girlfriend can currently read part kanji – and also you have an excellent eyesight – you might recognise the character because that heart (心 /kokoro) snuggled up at the center of the character because that love. Ahh, sweet!

Aisuru (あいする) is the verb to love. It combines ai (love) v the verb suru, come do. Ai shiteru is the usual means to say ns love girlfriend in the present tense. (Shiteru means ‘am doing’, therefore you can think that ai shiteru as ‘I’m act love’, if it help you come remember!)

Yo (よ) is a particle supplied at the finish of sentences because that emphasis. Girlfriend don’t need to say this, however it sounds more natural.

There is likewise the an ext formal form, ai shiteimasu (あい しています ).

But in actual fact, none of these room the most usual method to express her love in Japanese.

Ai is a very strong word in Japanese. It describes a deep, lengthy lasting and romantic love.

Usually you would only say ai shiteru yo come a human being you feel a very deep meeting to. It’s the kind of thing you would certainly say to her life partner when you are prepared to get married.

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That said, the miso soup line is thought about a little bit outdated these days, and also most modern Japanese girls would laugh in ~ you if you stated that! Still, it’s exciting to think about the society behind the words.

Have you ever said i love friend in Japanese? i beg your pardon phrase carry out you prefer? let us recognize in the comments!