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The speaking Apache dictionary is a project developed by college student of Alchesay High institution in Whiteriver Arizona on the White hill Apache Reservation.

use the alphabetical listing that words below to choose the words girlfriend would prefer to hear talked in Apache. You will have a choice to hear to the native in high top quality or low high quality (slower connections).

Thanks come Mr. Curtis Suttle, frank Bonito, Verbena Henry, Carl Edwards, Evelyn White, Keith Hinton, and the various other students who volunteered from Mrs. Bahe"s and also Mrs. Warwick"s Apache society Class.Contact: Bruce Goode

Click top top the Apache word to hear that in high high quality or low quality (If you have actually a modem connection).

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Acorn- n.chíchn"il - short qualitychíchn"il - high qualityAgave- n. (century plant, mescal)ikaz - low qualityikaz - high qualityAntelope- n.jaagé - low qualityjaagé - high qualityApache- n, adj.ndee - short qualityndee - high qualityApple- n. (derived native Spanish)masáána - short qualitymasáána - high qualityBaby- n.mé" - low qualitymé" - high qualityBack- n. (his back)bighán - short qualitybighán - high qualityBattle- n.(the fight is over)gonolkai - low qualitygonolkai - high qualityBear- n.shash - short qualityshash - high qualityBeautiful- adj.dénzhóné - low qualitydénzhóné - high qualityBeaver- n.chaa - short qualitychaa - high qualityBig- adj.nchaa - low qualitynchaa - high qualityBlack- adj.dilhil - low qualitydilhil - high qualityBlue Heron- n.k"os joolí - low qualityk"os joolí - high qualityBrave- adj. (don"t you it is in afraid)doo nnldzig - low qualitydoo nnldzig - high qualityBread- n.ban - short qualityban - high qualityBrother/sister- n. (brother speak to brother or sister speaking to sister)shik"isn - short qualityshik"isn - high qualityButterfly- n.doolé - short qualitydoolé - high qualityBuy- n. Nahidiih - low qualitynahidiih - high qualityCampdress- n. (skirt)tl"akal - low qualitytl"akal - high qualityCat- n.gídí - short qualitygídí - high qualityChildren- n.chagáshé - low qualitychagáshé - high qualityChristian- n, adj. Inashoog - short qualityinashoog - high qualityCloud- n.yaak"os - low qualityyaak"os - high qualityCold- adj.sik"az - low qualitysik"az - high quality
Duck- n.nal"eeli - low qualitynal"eeli - high qualityEars- n.bijaa" - short qualitybijaa" - high qualityEight- adj.tsebíí - short qualitytsebíí - high qualityEyes- n. (his eyes)bidáá" - low qualitybidáá" - high qualityFather- n. (my father)shitaa" - short qualityshitaa" - high qualityFeet- n.bikee" - low qualitybikee" - high qualityFingers- n. (his fingers)bilagan - short qualitybilagan - high qualityFish- n.log - short qualitylog - high qualityFive- adj.ashdla"i - low qualityashdla"i - high qualityFour- adj.dii"d - low qualitydii"i - high qualityGeronimo- n.goyáálé - low qualitygoyáálé - high qualityGive- n.(give it to me)shaa he"né"í - short qualityshaa he"né"í - high qualityGirls- n.ch"ikii - low qualitych"ikii - high qualityGod- n.bik"ehgo"ihi"dan - short qualitybik"ehgo"ihi"dan - high qualityGo- v. (he go out)ch"ígháh - short qualitych"ígháh - high qualityGrandfather- n.(mother"s father)shiwóyé hastiin - low qualityshiwóyé hastiin - high quality(father"s father)shichoo - short qualityshichoo - high qualityHair- n. (its/his/her hair)bitsizíl - low qualitybitsizíl - high qualityHand- n. (his hand)bigan - short qualitybigan - high qualityHead- n.bitsits"in - short qualitybitsits"in - high qualityHorse- n.bilii" - low qualitybilii" - high qualityHot- adj.sidog - short qualitysidog - high qualityHouse- n.bikih - low qualitybikih - high qualityKnow- v. (you know already)gánii - short qualitygánii - high qualityLake- n.túsikanni - short qualitytúsikanni - high qualityLaughs- v. (he laughs)hidloh -

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Nine- adj.ngost"ái - short qualityngost"ái - high qualityNo- adv.dah - short qualitydah - high qualityNose- n. (his nose)bichíh - low qualitybichíh - high qualityOne- adj.dalaá - low qualitydalaá - high qualityOwl- n.búh - low qualitybúh - high qualityPig- n.góchi" - low qualitygóchi" - high qualityPinion- n.obé"tsin - low qualityobé"tsin - high qualityRabbit- n.gah - short qualitygah - high qualitySeven- adj.gosts"igi - low qualitygosts"igi - high qualityShoulder- n. (his shoulder)biwos - low qualitybiwos - high qualitySister- n. (brother speak to brothers or sister speaking to sister)shik"isn - low qualityshik"isn - high qualitySix- adj.gostán - short qualitygostán - high qualitySnake- n.tl"iish - short qualitytl"iish - high qualitySnow- n.zas - short qualityzas - high qualityStomach- n. (his stomach)bibig - low qualitybibig - high qualitySun- n.ch"ígoná"áí - low qualitych"ígoná"áí - high qualitySunrise Dance- n. (she is having a sunrise dance)nabíí"ees - short qualitynabíí"ees - high qualityTen- adj.goneznán - short qualitygoneznán - high qualityThree- adj.táági - short qualitytáági- high qualityTurkey- n.tazhii - low qualitytazhii - high qualityTurkey Vulture- n.ch"ishoogi - low qualitych"ishoogi - high qualityTwenty- adj. Nadin - low qualitynadin - high qualityTwo- adj.naki - low qualitynaki - high qualityWater- n.tú - low qualitytú - high qualityWhite Person- n. (anglo)indaa - low qualityindaa - high qualityWoman- n.isdzán -

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