Words for household members and other relatives in Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi), a Polynesian language talked mainly in Hawaii.

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Key come abbreviations: sg = singular, pl = plural, m = male, f = female

 Hawaiian (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi)
family, relative ʻohana
parents mākua (sg. Makua) - refers to one's parents and also others of one's parents generation
father makua kāne, makua
mother makuahine, māmā, lūauʻi
child keiki, kama, nōpuʻu (sg)kamaliʻi (pl)
son keiki, keiki kāne, kama kāne.
daughter kaikamahine
husband kāne
wife wahine
sibling hānau mua (older) hānau hope, pōkiʻi (younger)
brother /male cousin kaikuaʻana, kuaʻana (older brother/cousin the a male) kaikaina, kaina (younger brother/cousin of a male) kaikunāne, kunāne (brother that a female)
sister /female cousin kaikuaʻana, kaikuʻana (older sister/cousin the a female) kaikaina (younger sister/cousin the a female) kaikuahine (sister/cousin of a male) kika, tita (slang)
uncle makua kāne, ʻanakala makua kāne makua (parent's older brothers or cousin) makua kāne ʻōpio (parent's younger brother or cousin) makua kāne hanauna (parent's brother or masculine cousin)
aunt makuahine, makuahine hanauna, ʻanakē makuahine makua (parent's larger sister or cousin) makuahine ʻōpio (parent's younger sisters or cousin)
cousin hoahānau, kaukini
nephew keiki
niece kaikamahine
grandfather kupuna kane (grandfather, great uncle) tūtū, kūkū, kūkū kāne (grandpa)
grandmother kupuna wahine (grandmother, great aunt, woman ancestor)tūtū, kūkū, kūkū wahine (grandma)
grandchild /great-niece/nephew moʻopuna
grandson moʻopuna kāne
granddaughter moʻopuna wahine
father-in-law makuahūnōai kāne
mother-in-law makuahūnōai wahine


Family indigenous in Hawaiian differ depending upon whether you are male or female. For example, a female phone call her brothers or male cousin kaikunāne or kunāne, while a male would contact his brothers or male cousin kaikuaʻana or kuaʻana.


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