Welcome meat lovers! In this lesson, we’ll be teaching you every little thing you need to recognize about meat in Korean.

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Whether you arrangement to shop in ~ the butcher’s shop because that a stir-fried food or go the end for a round of delicious korean barbecue in Korea, you’ll uncover yourself in ~ an benefit learning just how to to speak “meat” in Korean. And not just the indigenous “meat”, yet all the different meats accessible for you to devour in Korea. In ~ the finish of the article, we’ve also included some helpful phrases, consisting of a way to simply explain your diet in korean if you do not eat meat.

Let’s obtain to learning!


When dining here, friend will commonly be the one come grill the meat however you don’t need to be a an excellent cook to carry out that. All you require is your table and equipment because that grilling, the meat, and also the rest of the condiments. If you love come cook, or if you simply love to eat, you will really enjoy korean barbecue. This has grown to it is in an task enjoyed not just by Koreans yet people all about the globe.

There are different ways of enjoying korean barbecue. The entirety Korean barbecue experience is past just eat the meat by itself as it additionally comes with numerous different next dishes and sauces. You likewise get to choose if you want it spicy or not. After grilling the meat and also cutting the in pieces, this is generally wrapped in lettuce together with some next dish and also sauce. If you’re the kind of human being who loves to shot and taste various flavors, you have the right to mix and also match the meat with various sauces and side dishes.

불고기 (Bulgogi)

One that the well-known grilled oriental meat dishes offered in restaurants is dubbed 불고기 (bulgogi) This is do of slim slices the marinated beef. This food is normally marinated in soybean beans sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and sugar prior to grilling it.

삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal)

삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal), similar to bulgogi, is also thinly sliced, yet this dish is make of piece of pork belly. That English translation method “three-layer-meat”. The meat is already sliced and is usually served unseasoned or just lightly seasoned through salt, pepper, and also sesame oil.

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So, what to say if friend don’t eat meat?

Here’s a couple of means to speak “I don’t eat meat in Korean”.

I nothing eat meat

저는 고기를 먹지 않습니다

(jeoneun gogireul meokji anhseupnida)

I am vegetarian

저는 채식주의자입니다

(jeoneun chaesikjuuijaipnida)

I eat fish (and chicken) yet not meat

물고기(와 닭고기를) 먹지만 고기를 먹지 않습니다

(mulgogi (wa dalgogireul) meokjiman gogireul meokji anseumnida)

Do girlfriend eat meat? have you yet tried the end samgyeopsal, short ribs, or usually Korean barbecue before? Let us know around your favorite meat in the comments! next up, execute you feel prepared to handle our enlarge vocabulary post on oriental food?