I was trying to analyze "May i pet the dog?", yet I"m having trouble recognize what word method "to pet".

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Looking it increase on jisho.org I gain 可愛がる, but translating it ago using assorted services gives me "can i love the dog?".Trying Google interpret with some sample sentences, it either offers up and leaves "pet" in English in the middle of the centregalilee.com text, or offers 飼う, which indigenous my understanding is to store a pet, rather than to physically pet it.Trying translate.com (which apparently uses Microsoft Translator) through a sample sentence, I gain ペットにする, which ns can"t corroborate anywhere else.

So given these options:




Are any kind of of this correct? Which, if any, provides the many sense?

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If the concern "May ns pet the dog?" means "May ns stroke the dog gently?", then none the the unit volume you acquired from your sources look good.

「可愛かわいがる」 come closest, however it is no really appropriate. The other two 「飼かう」 and 「ペットにする」 are simply out the the question. I will shot to define these verb selections later.

My very own recommendations as a centregalilee.com-speaker would certainly be:


「軽かるく(or ちょっと)なでてもいいですか。」


The verb below is 「撫なでる」 ("to punch gently"). We would certainly not use 「犬を」 in ~ the start as the is another person"s dog. Numerous of united state would actually use 「ワンちゃんを」 instead. Using the plain 「犬」 in this instance could do you sound reasonably cold and/or indifferent.

If you and also the dog-owner, however, have already exchanged some words about the dog, you do not should use one 「object + を」 in ~ all. The dog-owner would not think that you to be wanting to pet him/her rather of the dog. Centregalilee.com is a very contextual language.

The difficulties with the unit volume you have found:

「可愛がる」: A little too wide a word. That basically way "to treat with love/care". That is not rather the word you would desire to use. It would certainly make the dog-owner wonder what exactly it was the you were wanting to perform with his/her dog.

「飼う」: That method "to save (an pet at your home)".In essence, therefore, you would be speak "May ns take her dog home with me?" You will certainly sound prefer the weirdest foreigner.

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「ペットにする」: This way "to make an pet one"s very own pet". The is simply out of the concern as 「飼う」.