IPA: /ar.ko.baˈle.no/

It is created of 2 words: arco (arch) and baleno (flash, flare).

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Ho visto un arcobaleno dopo il temporale.

I saw a rainbow after ~ the storm.

The seven colours that the rainbow (sette colori dell’arcobaleno) are as follows:

violetto = violetindaco = indigoverde = greenarancione = orangerosso = red

A rainbow is developed when white light (luce) is split into its miscellaneous individual wavelengths (lunghezze d’onda), creating a spectrum (spettro) the colour. Because that the irradiate to split, a prism (prisma) such as water droplets in the atmosphere (atmosfera) are required. The longest wavelengths space red conversely, the shortest space violet. The sequence (sequenza) the the colours never changes.


In Italy, the acronym RAGVAIV (or RoAranGiVerTurInVio) is often used to remember the color of the rainbow, however if you space trying to help your children remember, why not offer this nursery luck a try! (Note however that violet and indigo have actually been substituted by blue and turquoise!)

Sette Colori Dell’Arcobaleno

Sette colori dell’arcobalenoDopo la pioggia vien sempre il sereno

C’è il rosso come le ciliegiecome il melonePerò tutte le arance sonoarancione

C’è il giallo come le bananecome ns limoniC’è il verde proprio come quellodei peperoni

C’è poi l’azzurrocome il colore del mareIl blu del cieloche fa sempre sognare

E c’era un fatache amava il turchinoCosì colorata apparì al burattino

Seven color of the rainbowAfter the rain there is always the clean sky

There is red favor cherrieslike melonsBut all the oranges areorange

There is yellow prefer bananaslike lemonsThere is green choose the colourof peppers

Then over there is bluelike the color of the seaThe blue the the skythat constantly makes united state dream

And there to be a fairywho loved turquoiseShe showed up so colourful come the puppet.

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