Saying goodbye in Arabic deserve to be complex because over there is some etiquette involved.

When she parting with friends and family, a meeting, or obtaining off the phone call it’s important to know exactly how to say goodbye.

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Arabs often say goodbye an ext than once. Periodically it seems like it will never ever stop!

From a social perspective, it deserve to be perceived as a little bit rude to leaving in an abrupt way. It could additionally be due to the fact that they merely don’t desire to leave good company and therefore prefer to draw it out.

In any case, below are every the means to speak goodbye in some of the commonly talked Arabic dialects and in contemporary Standard Arabic.

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Goodbye in Arabic at a Glance



Goodbye in spoken Arabic

مع السلامة Ma’a salama


بسلامة Bisalama


بخاطرَك Bkhatrak

I to be leaving v your acceptance

الله معَك Allah ma’ak

May God be with you

باي farewell


يلا باي Yala bye


بشوفَك بعدان Bshofak ba’dan

See you later

بشوفَك بكرا Bshofak bokra

See girlfriend tomorrow

تصبح على خير Tosbah ala kheir


Goodbye in modern-day Standard Arabic

وداعاً Wada’an


إلى اللقاء Ela al lika’a

See girlfriend later

أراكَ غداً Araka ghadan

See you tomorrow

أراكَ لاحقاً Araka lahikan

See friend later


Goodbye in Arabic (Spoken)Goodbye in modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Goodbye in Arabic (Spoken)


We’ll start an initial with just how to speak goodbye in spoken Arabic. This is what you’ll hear the most often and also is what you’d actually usage in day-to-day life.

مع السلامة Ma’a salama

مع السلامة Ma’a salama literally way “with safety” or “with peace”. It’s intended to mean something prefer “may you it is in accompanied with safety/peace”. It’s the most common method of speak goodbye in Arabic.

The expression ma’a salama is recognized in many Arab-speaking countries. That is also really versatile and you can use it in most situations, formal and also informal.

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بسلامة Bisalama

بسلامة Bisalama carries the same an interpretation as مع السلامة ma’a salama. The is provided to speak goodbye in Tunisia and Morocco.

بخاطرَك Bkhatrak

بخاطرَك Bkhatrak is used as method to to speak goodbye in the Levantine Arabic dialect. It way ‘I am leaving v your acceptance’. Once addressing a male, you would usage بخاطرَك bkhatrak. Once addressing a female, you would say بخاطرِك bkhatrek. If the talking to more than one person, you usage the term “بخاطركن bkhaterkon”. Keep in mind that this is offered when you’re leaving someone’s home or someone’s place.

الله معَك Allah ma’ak

الله معَك Allah ma’ak is the corollary to بخاطرَك bkhatrak. That is also used in Levantine Arabic and also is the phrase you usage to the person who is leaving your home, work, etc.

Saying Allah ma’ak way “May God be with you”.

It likewise needs to it is in conjugated depending on who you’re speak with. الله معَك Allah ma’ak is said as soon as speaking to a male, الله معِك Allah ma’ik is offered when speak to a female, and also الله معكن Allah ma’kon is offered when wishing multiple people farewell.

باي Bye and also يلا باي Yala bye

You could recognize this next expression if you’ve spent any kind of time in social situations in the middle east. باي bye and also يلا باي yalla farewell has been adjusted from English.

If you’re discovering Arabic, يلا yalla is something you’ll hear often. The simply method “let’s go”. Both باي bye and يلا باي yalla bye are really informal methods of speak bye in Arabic. You can use it in casual instances with acquainted friends.

بشوفَك بعدان Bshofak ba’dan

You can likewise leave speak the term بشوفَك بعدان bshofak ba’dan which means ‘see you later’ once talking come a male, or “بشوفِك بعدان bshofik ba’dan when talking to a female, or بشوفكن بعدان bshofkon ba’dan as soon as talking to much more than one person.Certain regions may have variations in speak this. For example, in Egypt, they omit the b, so the is pronounced اشوفك بعدين ashofak baden .

بشوفَك بكرا Bshofak bokra

If you recognize you’ll check out them the next day, you can say بشوفَك بكرا bshofak bokra , which way see friend tomorrow. You can probably notification a pattern and also see the بشوفَك bshofak simply method “see you” and بكرا bokra way “tomorrow”.

Similar to the conjugations from the critical phrase, the phrase when addressing a male is بشوفَك بكرا bshofak bokra, بشوفِك بكرا bshofik bokra when speaking to a female, and “بشوفكن بكرا bshofkon bokra” because that multiple people. 

Again comparable to the last case, in Egyptian Arabic, friend omit the “b” and also say اشوفك بكرة ashofak bokra .

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تصبح على خير Tosbah ala kheir

If she leaving a location for the night, and also want to wish her hosts and also friends goodnight, you have the right to say تصبح على خير tosbah ala kheir , which is goodnight in Arabic. The translate into is “may friend reach her morning safely”. Once speaking come a male, you speak تصبح على خير tosbah ala kheir, تصبحي على خير tosbahi ala kheir when addressing a female, and تصبحو على خير tosbaho ala kheir for 2 or more people.

“Learn Arabic with Maha” has a nice video on some states to say goodbye in Arabic. Some we’ve provided on the list, and also some we haven’t! take a look.

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Goodbye in modern-day Standard Arabic (MSA)

Modern conventional Arabic is well-known in every Arab-speaking countries. That is likewise known as fusha and also is additionally abbreviated to MSA. The is supplied in literature, news broadcasts, and religious contexts. It is not offered in day-to-day conversation.

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وداعاً Wada’an

The way to say goodbye in modern Standard Arabic is “ وداعاً wada’an ”. There is no need to conjugate it relying on the speaker.

إلى اللقاء Ela al lika’a

If you see someone often, and also you desire to say view you later on instead, you deserve to say إلى اللقاء ela al lika’a .

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أراكَ غداً Araka ghadan and أراكَ لاحقاً araka lahikan

On the various other hand, the terms “ أراكَ غداً araka ghadan ” an interpretation ‘see friend tomorrow’ and also “ أراكَ لاحقاً araka lahikan ” an interpretation ‘see girlfriend later’ different slightly relying on who you’re speking with. Check out the table below.

See friend TomorrowSee girlfriend Later
Singular maleأراكَ غداً araka ghadanأراكَ لاحقاً araka lahikan
Two malesأراكما غداً arakoma ghadanأراكما لاحقاً arakoma lahikan
Plural Malesأراكم غداً arakom ghadanأراكم لاحقاً arakom lahikan
Singular femaleأراكِ غداً araki ghadanأراكِ لاحقاً araki lahikan
Two femalesأراكما غداً arakoma ghadanأراكما لاحقاً arakoma lahikan
Plural femalesأراكُنَّ غداً arakonna ghadanأراكُنَّ لاحقاً arakonna lahikan

Final thoughts

In this essay, us presented the key terms and phrases Arabs usage to say ‘goodbye’ once they desire to leave politely. We also presented just how to answer if who is saying goodbye. Whether in your beginner, intermediate, or progressed level in her Arabic learning journey, you should have the ability to say ‘goodbye’ and understand its terms when supplied in actual conversations.مع السلامة Ma’a salama!