I\"m do the efforts to write stories in centregalilee.com to find out words, and also this story requires the heroine questioning for a location to stay. The floor is fantasy/magical and pre-industrial in instance that affects indigenous choice.

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The heroine is speak it.


I think it\"s much more common in centregalilee.com to use \"want\" instead of \"need\" (or just ramifications of necessity/desire) when you\"re talking about oneself--otherwise, it comes off together a bit solid or desperate. If the heroine is without doubt asking in such a way, then sova\"s answer would certainly work.

Otherwise, below are some roundabout (but an ext \"centregalilee.com\") methods to go around it:

泊まれるところを探していますが… I\"m looking for a place where I have the right to stay ...

泊まる場所、ありますか? Is there a place to stay?

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You know, because that a very first guess, that\"s yes, really good. In modern-day centregalilee.com ns would probably say miscellaneous like


泊まる場所 (tomaru basho = crashing/staying-place = a place to stay)

が (particle GA)

いる need

You can likewise riff ~ above what you\"ve acquired by saying


必要です (hitsuyou desu) = is necessary

要する, although properly put conceptually in translation, actually method something like \"in summation\" and in usually offered in the kind of 要するに.

(simple english / centregalilee.com example)There were three thousand blue flowers, ten thousand green flowers, and also five thousands white flowers, 要するに, there were a lot of flowers.

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