With the regular Vegas agree b edittool choosing Events or an option tool Vegas agree b pick Selecting Events active, click the event. The event is emphasize to suggest that it has been selected.

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Use this procedure to choose multiple events that are situated next to every other.Hold the Shift an essential and click the an initial and last occasion that you desire to select. The events, consisting of those between the selected events, space highlighted. Vegas agree note choosing EventsTo select every one of the events in the project, select Select from the modify menu, and then pick Select every from the submenu.When you have actually finished picking events, release the change key.
Use this procedure to select multiple events that are not located next to each other.Hold the Ctrl vital and click the occasions you desire to select. The events are highlighted. Vegas pro note choosing EventsTo deselect one event, merely click that again.When you have actually finished choosing the events, relax the Ctrl key.
From the edit menu, select Select, and also then select Select all from the submenu (or press Ctrl+A) to select all tracks and also events in your project.
Right-click an event and select Select occasions to finish from the faster way menu. The event and all subsequent events on the same track are selected. Vegas pro tip selecting Events you can likewise use this command with events selected on multiple tracks.
Right-click a paper in the task Media home window and select Select Timeline events from the shortcut menu. All occasions that usage the selected media file in the active take space selected.Hold Ctrl or transition while choosing choose Timeline events from the shortcut food selection to include the events to the existing selection.
Select the selection tool Vegas agree b pick Selecting Events. Vegas pro note choosing EventsYou can include or subtract events from the an option area by holding down the Ctrl crucial and clicking the event.Place the mouse pointer at any kind of corner that the area the you want to select.Click and also hold the mouse button.Drag the cursor come the opposite corner of the area you want to select.Vegas agree tip choosing EventsClick the ideal mouse switch while holding the left mouse switch switch from rectangular selection, time selection, and track selection.Release the mouse button (and the Ctrl vital if you are pressing it). The occasions are highlighted.
Click and drag along the mite bar, CD layout bar, or a blank area of the timeline to pick a time range. All events — and portions of occasions — within the an ar are highlighted. Vegas agree tip picking EventsTips:Double-click an occasion and drag left or ideal to prolong the selection to the next fade or occasion edge on that track.Dragging within an event will change the event’s place on the timeline. To develop time choice without moving the event, host Ctrl+Shift when dragging.If the enable edit cursor to it is in dragged check box is selected ~ above the basic tab that the choices dialog, dragging the edit cursor will change its place on the timeline. To produce a time selection without moving the cursor, hold shift while dragging.Unless an event is locked, a selected time range affects every events—or portions of events—that happen within the range. Vegas agree tip choosing EventsTo quickly pick the full duration the the project, double-click the mite bar.Editing the an option lengthThe current an option start, end, and also length are shown in the modify boxes below the timeline: Vegas pro stattime choosing EventsDouble-click the boxes to modify them. Girlfriend can enter timeline values, such together 00:00:25.381, or friend can go into relative worths by entering +/- and also a number. Because that example, if the time leader is presented in frames, you could type +10 to include ten frames to the an option start, end, or length.You can drag the ends of the time selection bar to adjust the an option length, or traction the middle of the bar to move the an option without changing its duration.
From the modify menu, select Select, and then pick Select event Start or pick Event end from the submenu (or push < or >) to choose the begin or finish of an event and go into keyboard edge-trimming mode.

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Selecting events is the first step in a variety of editing and enhancing tasks. You have the right to move selected events, copy them to the clipboard, delete, edit, and also more.There are various methods of picking events relying on the type of selections you want to make and the energetic editing tool.

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Vegas pro arrowdn selecting Events select a single event

Vegas agree arrowdn picking Events pick multiple nearby events

Vegas agree arrowdn picking Events choose multiple nonadjacent occasions

Vegas pro arrowdn choosing Events select all occasions

Vegas agree arrowdn picking Events pick all events to the end of a monitor

Vegas pro arrowdn choosing Events choose all events that refer to a details media record

Vegas pro arrowdn selecting Events choose a selection of events

Vegas pro arrowdn picking Events selecting a time range

Vegas pro arrowdn selecting Events choose the start or finish of an event for keyboard edge trimming

Vegas agree btnshowall selecting Events