This shoot drill concentrates on player balance and also control that the basketball. This drill has been taught because that years through Lenny Wilkens and is also promoted by Stanford and Ex-USA Olympic Coach Tara VanDerVeer.

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The essential thing come remember when doing this drill is what B.E.E.F actually means. B= balance, E= eyes on your target, E= (shooting) elbow straight, F= monitor through. Come begin, the shooter must position him/herself about a foot far from the bottom the the rim. The object is come shoot the ball using the B.E.E.F routine. After ~ the second basket make in that spot, without poignant the rim, the player might take a action back. This is done until the player is in ~ the foul line. Proceed this drill until the shooter feels many comfortable.

Number of Players:



This drill should help with both foul and jump shooting.




Foul and jump shooting.

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