What we now officially call “manufactured homes” have actually come a long method from the “mobile homes” the the seventies. However, there space still a few nagging aspects in i m sorry these residences lag behind their stick-built counterparts. One being their notoriously slim walls.

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As you have the right to imagine, this are one of the main fault points when it concerns soundproofing a room or house either indigenous sound escaping or comes in. Home windows themselves usually aren’t an extremely soundproof when contrasted to walls. On top of that, there are practically always small gaps in the frames and also cracks that build as a an outcome of exactly how mobile homes change in place.

The product of the frames us is currently a an excellent place come start. Many mobile dwellings have metallic frames. Metal is fantastic conductor the sound which is precisely what you nothing want. If you have actually wooden frames, it’s currently a large plus as they dampen noise. Back it can seem a bit extreme to replace your frames based just on this, that could type part of a renovation or redesign project.

Replacing your actual windows with storm or double pane windows can make a slight innovation as well as insulate your home. However, castle aren’t practically as reliable as windows designed to be soundproof.

The glass because that these home windows is just included to her current window frame behind her actual home windows so the doesn’t call for any type of replacing. Soundproof Windows, Inc. Is a great provider. Soundproof windows have the right to have one STC (Sound infection Class) rating the 50 or more. The greater the rating, the much more soundproof the structure partition. However, this windows deserve to be pricey, ranging from $400 to $900.

Another choice is to merely hang noise deadening drapes. This is a lot cheaper option that will expense you between $20 come $40 dollars every drape. Together you can expect they deliver much much less noise reduction, v a rating of only approximately STC 20.


There no as numerous quick remedies for her ceiling together there are for your windows. In fact, nearly all the techniques will require some degree of “construction work.” You could even require to speak to in a professional contractor to carry out it for you.

One that the less complicated methods us really like is acoustic ceiling tiles. These space pretty effective, relatively inexpensive, and really easy come install. They space basically a form of foam board that comes in tiles that you have the right to stick to her roof to cover the entirety ceiling. Good products will certainly be fire retardant and bacteria and fungi resistant. Based on a 140 sq. Ft. Room, it must cost approximately $200-$400.

For something a bit much more involved, friend can constantly fill the ceiling cavity through some form of noise reduce material. One insulator material such together Roxul safe ‘N’ sound Insulation deserve to be installed in the ceiling to alleviate noise. This is an additional easy solution but additionally costly, roughly $640 per 60 sq. Ft. However, a reputable material like this should also be fire retardant and also water repellent.


Mobile home floors room usually built to have a cavity the is similar to the ceiling in the roof. The underbelly below the home has actually joists to run alongside it through the really floor on optimal of it and also supported by the joists. There deserve to then be another “surface layer” that flooring above this one.

This method that plenty of of the insulating tips us already noted for the ceiling will occupational for her floor as well. It can be contempt more an overwhelming to acquire inside of your floor to insulate it. Simply putting the insulation underneath the underbelly i will not ~ do much as the is not wherein the noise come from. You could need to take it out, insulate, and also replace the flooring.

Another, much more superficial, systems is to install a carpet. Carpets perform a an excellent job of absorbing the sound the originates from inside the room itself and also helps simply a teeny tiny bit to save incoming sound out.

One of the options we like most is soundproof carpet underlays. These space foam mats that deserve to be installed underneath a common carpet. If watch don’t issue to you, you can even just install them there is no a carpet on top but take treatment not to damages them. These mats have actually STC ratings of roughly 50. Prices selection wildly, yet it shouldn’t price you more than $200 for whole room’s worth.

Although lock are greatly used come block sound indigenous upstairs, you would be surprised just how much sound gets brought over from one room to an nearby one through these floor cavities. If you want to soundproof a room due to the fact that you play tools or loud music there, soundproofing the floor is a must.


We aren’t certain what the is around soundproofing the attracts so many old wives tales. Opportunities are that you have actually heard one or much more of this before, most likely from someone who swears by that without gift able to provide you any kind of concrete proof that it works.

Most of this DIY services are an extremely cheap for this reason at least you wouldn’t have wasted much money in trying lock out, however, her spare time is priceless and that’s why we desire to save you the trouble of testing these dubious (at best) techniques.

Common foam rubber and also old mattresses: Many people have provided this foam, commonly found in mattresses, come soundproof specific rooms. While it does actually market some noise dampening, it isn’t almost as efficient as other products that don’t price much more considering the amount of foam rubber you would need. Also, these products are a significant fire risk as they burn really quickly and easily. One more problem v this approach is the it needs to it is in done an extremely precisely. Any gaps between mattresses will significantly reduce the efficacy. They likewise attract moisture and also thus mold.Carpets: Carpets carry out absorb sound and stop the from escaping external of a room come a particular degree, but they carry out absolutely nothing to save sound out of the room (AKA yes, really soundproofing). If you solely want to soundproof a room it appears wasteful to pay the money, go v the effort, and readjust the design of the room through carpet if there space other more effective materials.Fiberglass insulation: plenty of drywall manufacturers will laud this type of insulation because that its soundproofing ability if it’s current in your walls. However, over there is tiny proof the it has any real effect on just arrive sound.Rubber floor mats: This is one more one many civilization will recommend. Again, it’s very daunting to in reality insulate a room well sufficient with these mats to acquire a decent result. On height of that, the a very unattractive solution.

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Fixing your mobile home’s slim walls

These services should enable you come soundproof any component (or your totality home) effectively. Many solutions are pretty straightforward:

Measure the an are you must cover.Choose a product.Apply it to the walls, ceiling or floor complying with the instructions.

As a security measure, always make certain you buy products that are rated for being fire retardant and also water repellent. Naught is more important 보다 that, also noise pollution. We hope that you uncovered this short article informative and can currently confidently embark ~ above soundproofing your mobile house thin walls. Good luck!