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The word in Spanish because that carrot is la zanahoria

... So imagine an impatient mum informing her daughter who is eat a huge carrot, "SuZANNA, rush YA dinner up!.


And did girlfriend know?... A carrot is not constantly a carrot!

el zanahoria (m) / la zanahoria (f)

in a colloquial, acquainted sense can likewise mean:

an idiot, a stupid person, a straitlaced person and even an old fogey! - an especially in Venezuela and also the flow Plate region of southern America.

And, as an adjective zanahoria (f) have the right to mean:

straitlaced, stupid, square (conservative), idiotic

Su hijo/hija es un poco zanahoria. = His son/daughter is a little idiotic (a bit of one idiot).

Some much more useful words and also phrases pertained to la zanahoria. The much more words you learn the more you will certainly recognize... And also the much more rapidly lock will construct together.

el jugo de zanahoria (m) = carrot juice (Latin America)el zumo de zanahoria (m) = carrot juice (Spain)

La zanahoria posee vitamina A. = Carrots own Vitamin A.

la táctica del palo y la zanahoria = the carrot and stick approach.oruna política de incentivos y amenazas = a carrot and also stick policy (incentives and threats).

Un chiste (a joke):

La zanahoria es muy buena para la vista. Donde has actually visto un conejo con anteojos? = Carrots are really healthy for her eyesight. Where have actually you ever seen a hare wearing glasses?


Every word in our find out Spanish - 200 native a Day! software program programme is taught with offered a storage trigger and picture, and also matched with indigenous speakers pronounce the native correctly.

How do you remember the sex of the Spanish word for carrot i beg your pardon is la zanahoria

With every our lessons we teach you come remember the sex with the word, since this is very important in Spanish. In Spanish nouns room either masculine or feminine. Masculine nouns attribute a male key character, and also the voice recordings top top these process on their CD"s is check out by a male indigenous Spanish speaker. Mrs words have the word "el" before them (el way "the").

Feminine nouns feature a female key character and the voice recordings ~ above these courses on their CD"s is review by a female indigenous Spanish speaker. Feminine words have the native "la" before them (la also way "the").When trying come remember even if it is a native is mrs or feminine, the price lies in the picture. Remember scientists tell us that the brain never ever forgets a picture. And when you have actually learned the picture, the is there to "pop"up into your head, when you require it!

To learn much more about learning and also remembering the gender the Spanish nouns click this link.

Using Famous human being or Celebrities to make the storage Trigger much more Memorable

Wherever possible, and where appropriate we usage famous people in the Memory create to assist recall since they room easier to remember. In this instance the celebrity or famed person is ?celeb?

Of course, you may find that a details person girlfriend know, a friend or household member, may far better remind you of a memory Trigger. Use that person! This will be more effective still! and also you deserve to record this in your own set of NOTES, i m sorry is save in her own exclusive database the your very own NOTES, written as and when girlfriend want...

...and stored because that your personal future reference. (If you ever want to describe these note of your own, you just click a button, to pick a lesson on it, or a test on them! i.e. custom-built come your own requirements).

What happens once words in Spanish are similar to the English

In this situation we combine the colour of the Spanish flag into the picture, or even a Spanish flag itself. The color of the Spanish flag space red and yellow.


If friend can find a more effective means to learn, and remember Spanish vocabulary conveniently please carry out let us know.

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