Could anyone prize this inquiry for me as I was freshly in Nicaragua and when i was asked my name and also I would certainly tell them. The civilization were confused and also there is no means that anyone can say it. It became a garbled mess in their mouths. I was confused since I always thought the Teresa to be a spanish name. What about mother Teresa? Maybe next time i go under there i will have a perfect answer because that them that will certainly make me show up a bit smarter 보다 I was.

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It\"s listed here in a list of Spanish names for girls, but beginning with TH. (I would have guessed differently.)

According come it, it is obtained from the completely Spanish name, Therasia. (Which comes from a Greek word, therizo. (pronounced with a soft th and also as if a D was before the Z. Interval on second syllable- theridzo.)

funny, i can't thing of any type of other language that uses Ɵ ( /th/) v Theresa or it's forms...of course, i'm no an experienced in any kind of one of them, other than my very own glutteral stops and also nasal-asofagus-fricativess - bdclark0423, ENE 1, 2010
I assumed Teresa would certainly be the Spanish spelling, and Italian too. It's not also on the list of Italian names. ? - Goyo, ENE 1, 2010

In the past I have offered this advice to world asking what a name would be in spanish and that is what that is. Teresa is Teresa in spanish and also english just like McDonalds is McDonalds and Best to buy is finest Buy. Hope this helps.


Well, Spanish McDonald's has the McPollo while English MCDs has McChicken....explain that one! - bdclark0423, ENE 1, 2010
so why is that McRoyale in France, but large mac all over else, and also what room Obacos? - bdclark0423, ENE 2, 2010

English Teresa in Spanish is Teresa.

However, pronunciation of the two have the right to be quite different. Exactly how did you pronounce her name?

Americans in the says usually pronounce this tah-reeee-saw

so if her saying tah-REE-sah of food they won\"t recognize what her name is...they would certainly hear something prefer tu risa or da risa

T has to been firm and also quick click that the tounque on her teethAlso, the R sounds in Spanish are hardtaps the the toungue ~ above the ago ofyour teeth or upper roof of yourmouth, greatly like the D sound....

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I would suggest sayinng \"tedDAY-za\"

ted choose teddy bearDAY, well choose dayza favor pizza is sometimes called \"za\" by yuppycouples (not too difficult of a z sound, just a little buzz, since it\"s an semi-dental or avealor fricative between to vowels, first one the accented vowel, the second an open vowel)
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Mother Teresa was Albanian and Teresa was no the name that she was born with. Once she ended up being a nun she probably embraced the name of a saint like Saint Teresa de Ávila. That name was Spanish, however.

I can not imagine any Spanish speaker no being maybe to pronounce Teresa. What precisely did lock ask you? probably they were asking what her surname was and when you provided your given name they came to be confused. Just how do you pronounce her name? prefer it would certainly be in Spanish? or Ter EE sa?

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