When you get your gecko, girlfriend might contact them a particular gender there is no really knowing what castle are. If you setup on adding an ext geckos to her space, you can want to tell if her gecko is really masculine or female—but how in the civilization do you carry out that?

Believe that or not, there space a few ways you deserve to tell if you have actually a boy or girl scurrying around your terrarium. Through some gentle respect, you have the right to do a fast inspection and find out once and also for all.

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Begin with cautious Handling

Before you deserve to check, you’ll have to make certain your gecko is relaxed and comfortable. Never ever stick your hand in the cage and also grab them up unexpectedly.

To acclimate your gecko to handling, slowly place her hand to the bottom of the cage for this reason they can familiarize themselves with your presence. Then, gradually encourage them to come onto her hand by corralling them v the other.

Once your gecko go safely onto her hand, cradle them securely, however not too tight. Give them a couple of minutes to heat up to the situation before you start prodding around.

Tip: Sit close come the soil in situation they deserve to wiggle out of your hand. Never ever grab your gecko by the tail due to the fact that they deserve to snap that off together a defense mechanism. It can lead come infection.

Image Credit: torstensimon, Pixabay

4 ways to tell a Gecko’s Gender

Now that you have actually your little one secured, it’s time to inspect things out. Specifically if you setup to introduce a new cage mate or two, knowing genders have the right to prevent breeding—or aggression—since masculine pairs are well-known to spar.

1. Hemipenal Bulge 

The vent lies on the underbelly at the basic of the tail. When male geckos develop, they kind what is called hemipenal bulges directly listed below the vent. Lock look prefer two tiny nodules directly beneath the skin.

Females never build bulges in this area. So, if you check out these two nubs, this is the easiest method to tell if you’re taking care of a boy or girl. Geckos usually sexually mature between 18 and 24 months.

If her gecko is this period or older, the hemipenal bulge have to be completely apparent if friend look closely enough. Lack thereof method you have a girl on your hands.

2. Preanal Pores

This is another surefire visible difference in between the two. Even though males and also females re-superstructure preanal pores, a lady’s pores aren’t clearly shows to the naked eye uneven you yes, really strain come see. Males are much more prominent and also noticeable.

Preanal pores secrete a waxy problem containing pheromones that mark territory, informing other nearby geckos who’s in charge. This pheromones are additionally responsible because that attracting potential mates, letting others understand they’re searching for love.

If girlfriend look at the vent area above the slit, you could see small visible dots in one upside-down V formation. If friend peek and also spot this mark, you have actually a young on her hands.

Image Credit: Danny112, Pixabay

3. Maturity 

As your gecko ages, distinctions in the male and female will become fully apparent. However, it would certainly be ideal if you didn’t rely on this technique only due to the fact that individual geckos mature at various speeds.

Leopard geckos sexually mature quicker than a crested gecko. So, friend might have the ability to tell by 3-4 month whether her Leopard Gecko is a young or girl. With a crested gecko, you might have come wait until about 6 months before you can pinpoint the signs.

When your gecko reaches this ages, carry out your research around checking the specific species you need to avoid misidentifying.

4. Physics Differences

As with many other critters, masculine geckos are larger than females—in many cases. But before they’re fully grown, the physical traits aren’t too trustworthy.

On the ago of her gecko’s hind legs, friend might notification tiny spur-like protrusions. This are referred to as cloacal spurs, which room on both genders. If you collection male and also female next by side, you deserve to see the the males have actually much larger cloacal spurs than their mrs counterparts.

Similar come preanal pores, masculine geckos also sport what is dubbed femoral pores. Rather of being on the underbelly, this pores room arranged in a line down the thighs. If girlfriend don’t notification anything, you might have a tiny lady.

But be an extremely careful as soon as relying on these physical traits. The other techniques that we debated are much an ext efficient ways to tell. Males can lug female attributes and also vice versa.

When in Doubt, asking a Professional

There space possibilities the you can not know exactly how old her gecko is once you acquisition them. Because of that, you can be looking also early and also won’t be able to spot the differences right away.

The just real means to tell for certain is to take her gecko to a professional, whether a breeder or a veterinarian. Castle will be able to look and tell you the sex the your tiny critter.

Not only is this the many educated method to uncover out if you have actually a masculine or female, however it is also the safest. You don’t run right into the hazard of harming or injuring your gecko. You also don’t risk them dropping their tail because of stress, which deserve to wind up resulting in infection and a slow-moving healing process.

Image Credit: Leroy Dickson, Pixabay



Even if her curiosity strikes, you could not need to recognize whether or no you have a masculine or female. You have the right to name your male gecko Ms. Frizzle and also your woman gecko Dr. Spock and also it would certainly be no worse for the wear.

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But if you’re asking due to the fact that of potentially reproduction or reasoning of adding a cage mate, you must find exactly what girlfriend have. If friend can’t call by visual cues, don’t hesitate to ask her vet. It’s much better to be safe 보다 sorry, and you want to keep everyone in your terrarium together safe together possible.