Do you have a love/hate relationship with your AutoCorrect? Ideally, this feature helps you send error-free text messages faster and easier than correcting words yourself. But, often it seems that this feature goes rogue and changes words into ones you don’t need or want.

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Changing Autocorrect for Other Keyboard Apps

Do you use a different keyboard app rather than the one included with your phone? Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck with Autocorrect if you are working with 3rd party apps.

To change your keyboard options on your HTC U11 phone so that it applies to other keyboard apps, the steps are similar to changing it for your native keyboard.

Step One – Access Settings Menu

From your Home Screen, swipe up to access your general settings menu. When you see your settings menu, select “Language & Keyboard” to personalize your options.

Step Two – Select Keyboard

If you are using a keyboard other than the one that came with your HTC U11, you will see other keyboard options here. Select the one you are using and want to personalize.

Step Three – Change Autocorrect Settings

No matter which keyboard app you are using, you will have the option to switch Autocorrect on or off. However, some apps allow you to further personalize Autocorrect.


If you only wanted to disable this feature completely, simply select Autocorrect and switch it off.

Depending on your keyboard app type, you may have the option to tweak how aggressive the keyboard app corrects text input. This may be another option to consider if you don’t want to turn it off completely.

For example, Google’s keyboard app allows you to choose from modest, aggressive, and very aggressive autocorrect options.

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Quick Recap

To change your keyboard settings and personalize it, follow these simple steps:

Home screen > General settings> Language & Keyboard (or Input)> Select keyboard> Personalize!

A Final Thought

Sometimes you may want to turn off autocorrect for certain messages. This may come in handy if you are typing in another language or using industry-specific jargon. If you only need to disable this feature some of the time, you may want to consider downloading another 3rd party keyboard app instead.

Furthermore, if you have multiple keyboards, you can customize options for each one. So when you need a specific keyboard type, simply toggle the keyboard icon at the bottom right side of your screen to switch between your different options.