SHARP televisions produced after December 20, 2016 have actually additional ease of access features for customers with visual or hearing impairments.SHARP televisions have actually assistive technologies permitting blind or visually impaired client to audibly accessibility essential tv functions, on-screen text menus and functions, and video clip descriptions v an audio output. Closed Captioning is another assistive technology, which makes the audio available for hear impaired customers by displaying the message on the tv screen.

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Essential Functions

Essential functions such as strength on/off, volume adjustment, channel/program selection, display channel/program information, setup, cc control, cc options, video description control, display screen configuration, playback functions, and also input choice are made audibly obtainable to customers with visual impairment.

Physical Control

Dedicated buttons on the remote manage are provided to activate close up door captioning (CC), and video clip description (NRT). Client can also access video clip description yielded as SAP by pushing theMTSbutton top top the remote.

Closed Caption

Closed captioningassists the hear impaired through displaying the audio part of the program as text on the television screen. Please keep in mind that the movie or video clip must support closed captioning in order because that the message to screen on the screen.

Closed captions deserve to be rotate on or off from within the ease of access category that theSettingsmenu or by pressing theCCbutton top top the remote.

Audio Guide

Audio Guideis a text-to-speech screen reader the assists remote or visually impaired customers with navigating the user interface and onscreen menus. The is available in united state English only and when activated, Audio overview will review out text, menus and also other onscreen items.

Audio guide can it is in turned ~ above from within theAccessibilitysettings by picking theMenu Audioon or off.

Video Description

Video descriptionis the insertion that audio narrated descriptions of a television program"s crucial visual elements into herbal pauses in the program"s dialogue, i beg your pardon make video programming more accessible to individuals who room blind or visually impaired. CBS, NBC, ABC and also Fox will carry out programming with video clip description in forced markets. Some broadcasters will certainly make video clip description accessible as second audio company (SAP) for selected programs. Examine your local TV station schedule for video clip description regimen schedules.

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Video description can it is in turned ~ above or off from within theAccessibilitysettings through selectingvideo descriptionon or turn off or by pressing theNRTbutton on the remote. For video clip description program made available through SAP, press theMTSbutton on your remote to access secondary audio carrying video description audio.

Accessibility Contact

For inquiries or comes to related to availability on the spicy TVs, please contact 1-888-935-8880 or send an email toaccessibility