Subtitles space a useful and also often downright essential feature for every streaming platforms. Because that the Netflix subscribers of our readership, the O.G. Streaming business is one together provider of closeup of the door captioning for multiple languages. If who watching on your account supplied subtitles to watch a foreign film, you could be confused when you walk to catch up ~ above Stranger Things and also find the action covered up by unnecessary yellow text. Fortunately, if you’re no sure how to turn off subtitles ~ above Netflix, it’s a fairly simple process. The only difficulty is the indict are different for every Netflix-supported device, however we have you covered.

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Luckily, most gadgets that support the Netflix app share the exact same initial action: strength the application on and also choose her desired collection or movie. If girlfriend don’t have the Netflix app, visit her device’s app store to download it for free. If your device isn’t detailed here (we include the most renowned ones), there’s a thorough guide native Netflix, too.

Android devices

Step 1: if your present or movie plays, madness on your screen.Step 2: A Dialogue icon should appear. When it does, choose it.Step 3: her audio or subtitle alternatives will popular music up. Choose the off option under Subtitles.

iPhone and also iPad

Step 1: while your present or movie plays, tap on her screen.Step 2: A dialogue icon should appear. Once it does, pick it.Step 3: Your desired audio or subtitle alternatives will pop up. Pick the Off choice under Subtitles.Step 4: madness the X icon to proceed playback.

Google Chromecast

Step 1: while your display or movie plays, tap on your screen.Step 2: A Dialogue icon should appear. As soon as it does, hover over it.Step 3: Your preferred audio or subtitle options will popular music up. Select the Off alternative under Subtitles.Step 4: madness OK or the X icon to proceed playback.


Step 1: once you’ve favored a show or movie come watch, choose Audio & Subtitles native the summary page.Step 2: pick Off for subtitles.Step 3: press the back button to leave out the the summary page.Step 4: struggle Play to start your movie or show.

If you have actually a newer Roku device, friend can additionally turn off subtitles while your movie or show is playing.

Step 1: while your present or movie plays, push Up or Down on her remote.Step 2: Select Audio & Subtitles.Step 3: Your preferred audio or subtitle options will pop up. Choose the Off alternative under Subtitles.

Apple TV

Step 1: while your show or movie plays, swipe under on your remote. (for to apologize TV 2 and 3, hold down the Center switch on your remote).Step 2: Your desired audio or subtitle choices will popular music up. Select the Off choice under Subtitles.


Blu-ray Player

Note: Hundreds of different Blu-ray football player exist throughout homes right now. It’s possible that the adhering to steps will not have the same results for all devices. 

Step 1: push the Down button on your remote while a video clip is play on her device.Step 2: A Dialogue icon should pop up. Highlight it and also tap it.Step 3: different audio or subtitle choices will certainly then appear. Under Subtitles, choose the Off choice to disable the feature.

PlayStation 4

Step 1: traction up the in-player food selection by pushing the down button on your PS4 controller while her movie or show is playing. Step 2: Scroll with your options until you find the conversation menu. Select it. Step 3: on the display that appears, choose the “Off” choice for “Subtitles.”

Xbox One

Step 1: Navigate to your in-player menu by holding down the down button on your Xbox One controller if the video clip is playing. Step 2: select the conversation menu.

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Step 3: Under the audio and subtitle options, find “Subtitles” and also switch the toggle to “Off.”

If, after these adjustments, you still watch subtitles throughout your display or movie, you may have closed captioning rotate on in her console’s accessibility settings. To revolve those off, head to her Xbox One’s key settings. Pick the “Ease that Access” submenu from the list and also then readjust the “Closed Captioning” toggle to “Off.”

Want to disable subtitles on your other streaming services? Here’s a step-by-step overview for turning off subtitles because that both Disney+ and also HBO Max.