In this article, we room going to present you exactly how to block number on Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos. We understand how crucial it is to block a number once it seems to harm and disregard her consent. At that circumstance, you must unnecessarily block a number and remove that from her contact.

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It is a usual case to loss into once we look for an alternative to block a contact and restrict them from calling, texting and also contacting you through any means. In together case, what you need to do is blocked that particular number through your phone call settings. In that situation, if girlfriend fail to situate the details option on your Samsung Galaxy cell phone, review our piece of article. It will overview you as to how you have the right to put a number on your blacklist and wipe turn off the disturbance.

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Block Number ~ above Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos

As you monitor our content, you will know exactly how you can add a number come the block list on your phone. Monitor the step-by-step process as inside wall up and also we have to Block Number top top Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos smartphone device:

Step 1: in ~ first, go to the phone call dialler top top the residence screen and also see if you uncover the “3 dotted” place.


Step 2: friend can discover it at the top right-hand edge of your setups option display Page.


Step 3: click the three-dot and a tiny box will open where you will certainly see numerous options listed one after the other.

Step 4: directly tap settings native the choice menu.


Step 5: once you click on the settings, you will certainly reach another page named “Call settings“.

Step 6: indigenous the presented options, you require to choose the first option that states “Block numbers“. If friend want, girlfriend can also check out other choices as given but, because it is particularly about including a number top top the blacklist, you need to click on the an initial claim.


Step 7: After girlfriend click or ” madness Block numbers“, you will see 2 options.

1- Block unknown callers.

2- add a call number.


Step 8: To particularly block a particular number, put in the phone numbers on the provided space.

Step 9: There, girlfriend will find two options- recent and also contacts. Native there, if you click on recent, girlfriend can add in the number you have contacted simply now. Or if you select contacts, girlfriend can include in numbers from your contact list. Type the wanted number you desire to block and also Tap top top the “+” sign to add that particular number ~ above the block list.


Step 10: various other than these, you can even choose to avail the first option, “block unknown callers“. If you select this option, you will block the number which space not conserved on your contact, hence taken into consideration as “unknown”.

Follow these above listed simple steps and you will have the ability to Block Number ~ above Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos.

How to Unblock Number top top Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos

You can also unblock castle if you want by following practically the exact same procedure. You just need to click on the red mark and the specific number will certainly be slashed native the list. Here’s the detail:

The an initial 7 measures are the exact same for unblocking a number and we begin from following step.

Step 8: you will find the perform of numbers already included to the block list.


Step 9: click on the preferred number you want to unblock the you have the right to receive calls and texts indigenous that contact again. And also after that, tap on the “” shown parrlally in ~ the end of that specific number. When you perform that, the number will certainly be exclude, from her block list and it will certainly be again easily accessible for receiving calls, text etc.

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There is no doubt around the security policy of your cell, but it just proves to be effective, if friend know exactly how to usage it. No matter what phone friend have, you need to understand the security mechanism your phone has actually for you. This is where blocking number is exceptionally useful and we expect this short guide was valuable enough to guide you on exactly how to block phone call or Block Number ~ above Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos.