One the the most usual issues competent after save a chainsaw is a tangled witnessed chain. Untangling this type of chaos isn’t as straightforward as addressing some tangled earphones. If you execute not know exactly how to untangle chainsaw chain, you will have to either postpone your cutting operations or usage a traditional and considerably inefficient saw.

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Thankfully, us can help you to properly and safely untangle a saw chain. Native the forced materials to the untangling procedure itself, we’ve absolutely got girlfriend covered.​

1. Keeping Yourself Safe

First the all, you should take some security precautions. To defend yourself from accidentally obtaining injured, you should have both protective goggles and chainsaw gloves. Incredibly old chainsaw chains deserve to be house to a most dust, bits the rust, and also other debris that can acquire into your eyes and lead to irritation.

On the various other hand, chainsaw gloves will protect your hands and fingers from getting reduced by any type of sharp edges. If you perform not have chainsaw gloves, you have the right to use either job-related gloves or leather gloves. Simply be certain that the glove product is tough and thick sufficient to safeguard your hand from being injured.


First, you must wear the security goggles and also the gloves. Next, placed the chainsaw on a table or the ground. Usage the correct tools to eliminate the experienced chain, the guide bar, and the chainsaw housing.

If you room going to untangle a new saw chain, you need to be careful not to get cut by the spicy corners. On the other hand, you have to apply engine or lubricating oil if friend are handling an old and also rusty chainsaw chain. Carry out not carelessly use the oil as it could leak top top the floor or the table and lead to accidental slips.

The next step is to find for the two opposite chain loops. Location your hands on both of these loops and also let the chain cave down. Also this straightforward step can untangle the experienced chain a little bit or in ~ least give you a much better view of just how to fully untangle it.

Do no let go of these opposite loops as you unravel the other loops. In order come enlarge the various other loops, you should utilize the slack top top the chain. The goal is to keep making the loops big enough until just one loop remains.

Now, try to find the lowest section of the chain and also raise the up. This should be reasonably easy through the right an approach since the witnessed chains room stiff. As result of gravity, that will easily move up from any loops and untangle all components of the chain.

If some sections of the saw chain space still tangled, friend just have to develop two the contrary loops again and also raise the shortest section as soon as more. If this somehow no work, girlfriend can constantly work on each individual loop by spreading them as vast as possible. This will take the most time and also effort, however it must slowly however surely untangle the whole saw chain.

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Here’s a video clip showing a chainsaw owner untangling a saw chain:

In conclusion, untangling a observed chain isn’t a facility task. Through the right tools and also adequate security equipment, you deserve to untangle both new, sharp chains and old, rusty ones.If you have any comments or questions, do offer us a message.