Ok folks, this is exactly how i"ll expose to you just how to gain the fourth and hardest tournament "Cell Games". Don"t worry, i"ll explain as easy as possible.To acquire the "Cell Games", you have actually 1 of 3 options:1. When cell breaks in inside a fight in "Dragon arena"(Aquired as soon as dragon cosmos is defeated with, goku, vegeta, broly, uub, yamcha, tien, picollo, krillin, and all three gohans) i"ll describe in full details just how to make him break in.2. To buy the "Cell Games" in the capsule shop. (P.S: this is practically impossible)3. Discover it In dragon world (P.S: this has actually never been valid. No one yes, really knows just how to acquire it in dragon universe)Now, to do cell break in you"ll have to attain alot of things. The not hard to make him break in, it simply takes time and patience. Now below are the guidelines:The Easiest means to do cell break in is by using "Teen Gohan". Defeat enemies until you with character"s with level 52. (Note: girlfriend don"t have to beat every solitary character in the easily accessible list, to unlock another set of perform you have the right to just defeat the last character in the list to relocate on, or loss them and the second to critical character. If the still does not work, which i doubt the will, then simply move down to the following character.)once you with level 52, you must be at the very least at level 20.once you with level 20, you must haveencountered "Previous Breakins" if not, then perform not panic.After you have actually the "Level 52" list available, then choose Level 52 "Trunks". Thats right level 52 trunks. Now after you have done that you need to choose world tournament stage as your fighting arena. Carry out this because you win trunks alot quicker and also easier thankx to "Ring outs". Keep on fighting level 52 trunks in ~ the civilization tournament phase until cell division in. You should see cabinet break in after your 20th or so complement with level 52 trunks. That sounds choose a lot, but its precious it. Gain cell gamesNow, the hardest and most popular means to obtain cell games, is simply to save on fighting high lv opponents. Thats true, yet knowone has actually time to sit ~ above thier buts for hours and also play against opponents. Yet this is proven to it is in valid. So don"t think that because you have been playing against high level enemies for hours, you cannot obtain cell to rest in, the just method that you may have been loosing alot(which decreases your possibilities of obtaining a break in) or friend may have been playing versus characters reduced than her level. Of course you don"t have to pick this option, its as much as you. If you are cocky and also want come fight alot, climate i would recommend this option for you.Now you understand you"ve inquiry a million people, and a million times "How the hell carry out i acquire Cell Games"?. Now they may have actually answered your question, but guess what "You room still confused". Those room 3 options on acquiring cell games.

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Explaing what it does is waist of time. You"ll understand what it is as soon as you unlock it!good luck, and also enjoy her cell gamesThis message was edited through Friction on january 07 2005.This message was edited by Friction on january 07 2005.This message was edited by Friction on jan 07 2005.