Summary:Electrical Circuits Question: i am hooking increase a tan bed. Follow to the instructions, the operates indigenous a 220 AC source.

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How to install a tanning Bed Circuit

Installing a tanning Bed Circuit ns am hooking up a demorphs bed. Follow to the instructions, the operates native a 220 AC source. It calls for a 6-20R outlet and a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I have actually ran the 12/2 v ground wire. I"ve installed the outlet. That pipeline the breaker. From mine somewhat minimal knowledge, i assumed I need a 2 pole 20 amp breaker. The dashboard is a Zinsco. i was may be to discover the breakers online and also purchased a R38-20 (2 X 1Pole 20Amp 120/240V breaker). The R collection matches the other skinny breakers currently being used. Inside the dashboard I connected the ceiling copper wire to the soil bar and also the white and black come the breaker.
After hooking everything up and transforming on the demorphs bed, one next of the breaker trips after about 10 seconds. I am beginning to wonder if the breaker is wrong. Ns am reasoning its no an actual 2 pole breaker, but a twin single pole. This would make a difference, Right? Thanks- Tim N. Hi Tim - great Electrical fix Question! The Zinsco R38-20 breaker should carry out 240 volts if the relationships on the bottom the the breaker space staggered where they will certainly come into link with opposing busses in the panel. This method that one next of the twin breaker will affix to among the busses the the panel and the various other will next of the breaker will affix with the various other buss of the panel which would develop 240 volts. It"s always best to inspect the voltage source at the breaker prior to attaching the wires come make sure of her voltage. This have the right to be done through a tester capable of reading 240 Volts AC and also connecting the 2 leads to the terminal screws ~ above the breaker. It is constantly a great idea to check terminal to terminal which should produce 240 volts, and also then every terminal come ground to verify 120 volts. Once the voltage is verified make certain the wires room inside the terminals all the way. The pair Zinsco breakers have a very tiny area come insert the wire and it have the right to be tricky to obtain the cable all the means inside the terminal. Let me recognize what girlfriend find.

From: Tim N. Dave, The breaker does have the staggered contacts and also I have actually the relationships all the means in the terminals. So i cant number why that is not working I go ask the human who marketed it come me and his email an answer was just PUT IN THE very same THING (WIRE and so on .)BUT through THE 2 POLES! What else carry out you think it can be? thanks Tim. Hello Tim - If girlfriend are giving the specified power to the tan bed and also the circuit is tripping then there may be a problem internally through the tanning bed. To uncover out what the is would involve a process of elimination, such together disconnecting one component at a time. However if the unit is brand brand-new you might be voiding your warrantee. In that case I would contact the provider and also ask because that a instead of or some form of resolution. Because the circuit is not tripping automatically this would not show a straight short, for this reason I think there might be a component the is not right. With most tanning bed there aren"t very many components, mostly the lights, fan and timer, however there might be a difficulty with one of these components. Have you made a voltage check to ground and also terminal to terminal? From: Tim N. No I have not checked the volts. I am away from the panel, so i can"t in ~ this time. Ns will and also report earlier to you. It may be awhile as its a project I to be doing because that my girl friend out of state. She resides in a condo and also the the breaker crate looks pretty conventional to me. She did have actually an electrician look at it prior to I got associated to make certain that the organization would manage the included circuit and also he claimed it would. I have included circuits before without any issue in my house and thought i can handle this.Thanks because that the follow-ups. Tim

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