Are you one of those world who is always looking front to your birthday every year? A birthday is a time as soon as a human being celebrates his/her bear anniversary. In this blog, you will learn how to speak Happy date of birth in Cantonese.

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When girlfriend hear the words cake, gifts, balloons, the an initial thing that will involved your mental is your birthday. It is the moment of the year to celebrate our birth. That is often celebrated with gifts, parties, and most that all, through our love ones. Most of the people about the human being celebrate your birthday this way. Nowadays, people likewise use social networking web page such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even email to send date of birth greetings.

Celebrating a birthday is additionally a method of thanking God for another year of keeping you alive, another year come make meaningful memories and also another year of do this civilization a much better place. The is not just about gifts and other product things, you re welcome remember that it"s about how the good times you share through the civilization in your life.

Chinese Birthday

Birthdays room celebrated practically the same means across the world. However some culture has their very own unique means to memory it like the Chinese. They have a an extremely rich culture that provides them distinctive to others. Chinese period is calculated follow to the Lunar calendar. When the son turns two years old, parental celebrate your birthday by bordering a boy with different symbolic items come predict his/her future. For example, the pen indicates that the child has actually a herbal talent for writing.

Cakes VS Longevity Noodles


Birthdays are not finish without cakes but in Chinese, eat longevity noodles is much more important 보다 slicing the cake. Longevity noodles symbolize lengthy life for this reason be careful not to bite and also cut it off while slurping due to the fact that it symbolizes the breaking of a long life.

Food - Who"s act Is It?


You deserve to never talk about birthdays when there is no food. If you have a Chinese friend, carry out not it is in surprised if the treats you for a meal during his/her birthday. He/she wants to monitor their legacies that the birthday celebrant will certainly pay the invoice no issue how large the gathering might be.

Gifts - What come Give?


Another exciting part of birthdays is the gift. It really feels an excellent when you saw a gift through your name on it. Talking around gifts, they have their own also. If you have a Chinese friend and you want to give him/her something, make sure to think wisely around what to give. Yes, it"s the assumed that counts however it wouldn"t pains to provide something useful.

Nowadays, people use just shopping bags or file bags together wrappers yet the Chinese have ways on just how to plunder a gift also. If you plan to provide a gift, pave it making use of a red wrapper and a golden ribbon which indicates great luck. Execute not it is in offended and do no take it together an humiliation if your Chinese friend decreased the gift at first. It"s part of their heritage to insist a little more.

Birthdays - heritages Or Celebrations?


There are more Chinese traditions when it pertains to birthdays yet it"s great to start to have actually a tiny knowledge about it. In ~ the end of the day, the primary allude of celebrate birthdays is being grateful for the life we have. So as an individual, make certain to live her life well. Make each work count and also worth it.

How to Say Happy date of birth In Cantonese?

For most people, a birthday is just one of the the happiest days of your lives. You feeling important and you receive many gifts. However not all people want to celebrate your birthday that way. Some want"s to celebrate it v friends and also some rather stay at residence with their families. One of two people way, what"s a date of birth without greetings?


Who wouldn"t want to receive birthday greetings on their birthday? it is quite if someone greets and also wishes girlfriend a Happy Birthday. You deserve to greet who Happy birthday in different languages. You have the right to say Feliz cumpleaños, in Spanish, Selamat ulang tahun, in Indonesian, Saeng-il chugha in Korean, and Buon compleanno in Italian.

For Chinese, you can be listening Shēngrì kuàilè (生日快乐) often. This date of birth greeting came from Mandarin i m sorry is widely talked in China. In this blog, we will learn exactly how to say Happy birthday in Cantonese. Cantonese is widely spoken in Hong Kong. If you desire to know the difference in between Mandarin and Cantonese, there"s a separate blog because that you.

Want to know how to greet Happy Birthday using the Cantonese language? inspect the following phrases below:

1. Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6 (生日快樂)Play

If you want to wish someone Happy date of birth in Cantonese, you deserve to say "Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6" (生日快樂). 生 describes “birth” and 日 refers to "day". This is typically used in Hong Kong even if it is in formal or not blocked situations. You have the right to also add his/her surname to do it much more personal and see exactly how it will immediately put a laugh on his/her face.

2. Zuk1 Nei5 Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6, Sam1 Soeng2 Si6 Sing4 (祝你生日快樂,心想事成)Play

To make it an ext meaningful, girlfriend can add some phrases. Come say "I great you a happy birthday, and that all your wishes come true!" usage "Zuk1 Nei5 Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6, Sam1 Soeng2 Si6 Sing4" (祝你生日快樂,心想事成). This is applicable come both created and talked situations even if it is formal or informal. It"s nice to hear the someone wishes you a good life.

3. Ngau4 Jat1 Faai3 Lok6 (牛一快樂!)Play

Greeting someone a Happy date of birth may likewise differ top top the level of your closeness with the celebrant. Come greet who informally, you can say Ngau4 Jat1 Faai3 Lok6 (牛一快樂!). This means "Happy B-day!" in English. Again, friend can additionally put his/her name to do it much more personal.

4. Cing1 Ceon1 Soeng4 Zyu3, Nin4 Nin4 Jaa6 Baat3 (青春常駐,年年廿八!)Play

Everyone desires to it is in happy throughout their birthdays however let"s admit the truth that not every one of us room happy to be older. If you desire to great someone to continue to be young you have the right to say "Cing1 Ceon1 Soeng4 Zyu3, Nin4 Nin4 Jaa6 Baat3"(青春常駐,年年廿八!). This way "Wishing you constantly (stay) young, choose 28 years old, every year!"

5. Xīwàng Rì Rì Kāixīn (希望日日開心)希望日日開心", "Chinese (Hong Kong) Female");">Play

It is quite if someone desire you to have actually a an excellent life. After every the problems and also challenges, the is yes, really heart-warming hearing this words on your one-of-a-kind day. Xīwàng Rì Rì Kāixīn (希望日日開心) way "Hope you will be happy every day" in English.

Some Words to Remember:

After learning five ways come say Happy date of birth in Cantonese, right here are a few words to remember:

Cantonese Pinyin English
快樂Play faailok Happy
生日Play saang jat Birthday
生日快樂Play saang jat faai lok Wish you
希望Play xiwang/hei mong Hope

Ways come Celebrate Birthdays In Hong Kong

Now the you have actually learned just how to say Happy date of birth in Cantonese, let"s find some nice ar tp memory it.

1. Reap A complimentary Day in ~ A layout Park

No one is ever old sufficient to walk to a design template park. You have the right to enjoy her birthday in a famous theme park in Hong Kong.

2. Walk To Hong Kong"s ideal Beaches

For coast lovers, nice sunsets and cold breezes can be one of your birthday gifts from nature. You may go there with your family and also friends.

3. Sing through Your friend In A Restobars

A night through your friends full of music, laughter, and also stories, what more can friend ask for? Hong Kong has nice restaurants and also bars where you have the right to sing her hearts out.

The essence of A Birthday

People just celebrate their birthdays when a year. Some desire it to it is in fun v their friends and family but some want to spend it alone and also quiet. Either way, it is a job in a year come be grateful for whatever you have actually right now. Being grateful is a authorize that you appreciate everything and everyone around you. Greetings, gifts, and also food are component of the celebration. We generally take things for granted. Plenty of of us execute not realize that the ideal thing in life is having actually life itself.

Learning Happy birthday In Cantonese, What"s Next?

In this blog, you have learned that the Saang1 Jat6 Faai3 Lok6 (生日快樂) and also Shēngrì kuàilè (生日快乐) is different since they come from different Chinese dialect. Now that you have actually learned this, why not broaden your knowledge? do not it is in contented by just knowing just how to to speak Happy date of birth in Cantonese. Difficulty yourself and also expand her horizons.

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