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ライアン is the surname Ryan in Japanese.

Note: since this location is totally Japanese Katakana, it have to be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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TitleCharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Ryan瑞恩ruì ēn / rui4 en1 / rui en / ruienjui en / juien
Ryan里安lǐ ān / li3 an1 / li an / lian
In some entries above you will see that personalities have various versions above and listed below a line.In this cases, the characters above the line are traditional Chinese, if the ones listed below are simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

PronunciationRomanizationSimple dictionary Definition


see styles


(person) Meg Ryan


see styles
zhěng jiù dà bīng ruì ēnzheng3 jiu4 da4 bing1 rui4 en1 cheng chiu ta ping jui en
100 year of Happy Marriage1000 an excellent Moves destroyed by 1 Bad17 Seventeen20 Yrs Old3 Brothers3 Buddha Painting3 Horses3 Treasures4 Beauties4 Elements4 Noble Truths47 Ronin5 Blessings5 Elements5 Tenets of Taekwondo50th50th Anniversary50th gold Wedding Anniversary5th degree Black Belt6 Persimmons7 codes of the Samurai7 Virtues7 Virtues of Bushido73348 Horse8 Horses8 Immortals8 Virtues86 god of Daoism9 Koi9 Koi FishA black GirlA BlessingA journey of a thousands MilesA Life that SerenityA Life the Serenity returns UnderstandingA Mind there is no AmbitionA miss out on is as good as a MileA moment of Time is as precious as GoldA mother LoveA brand-new BeginningA Quiet Conscience Sleeps in ThunderA second ChanceA classic Warm WelcomeA huge Sky full of StarsA wise Man transforms His MindAaddiAadhiAadiAakashAaliyaAaliyahAalyshaAamirAanandAaravAaricAaronAartiAashishAayanAayushAbadAbadiAbadieAbaloneAban KhanAbataAbbaAbbasAbbeAbbeyAbbiAbbieAbbotAbbottAbbyAbdallahAbdelAbdelfettahAbdelhakAbderrahimAbdonAbdouAbdulAbdullaAbdullahAbdullatifAbe King AndresAbegailAbelAbelaAbelardAbellAbellaAbelle LynnAbgailAbhiAbhieAbhishekAbhraneelAbianAbidaAbieAbielAbigaiAbigailAbigail MaglayAbilioAbilityAbility to AdaptAbiolaAbnerAbraAbrahamAbrahanAbramAbram CleoAbrhamAbrilAbsalomAbsalonAbsoluteAbstract KoiAbundanceAbundance and ProsperityAbundance ProsperousAbundaneAbundantAbundant HealthAburaAbyssiniaAccept the SituationAccept the Situation and Move OnAcceptanceAcceptance of FateAccomplishAce GabrielAce JohnAcedoAceroAcevedoAcherAchiAchieveAchieve inner PeaceAchievementAchievement AccomplishmentAchilleAchilleasAchrafAcinajAcleAcoraydaAction regardless of FearActionsActive Duty MilitaryActorAcupunctureAdabertoAdairAdalAdaluzAdamAdam ThompsonAdamaAdamantineAdamsAdanAdanaryAdaoAdapt and also OvercomeAdapt Improvise OvercomeAdapt OvercomeAdaptabilityAdaptableAdaptationAdaptiveAdaraAdarshAddaAddieAddie RaeAddisonAddonisAddyAdelAdelaAdelaideAdelaide ClemensAdelardoAdeleAdeleinAdeliaAdelieAdelinaAdelineAdellAdelle

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