Men"s field lacrosse

All lines described in this ar (except the center line and also the goal lines) space 5cm wide. The centre line is 10cm wide. The goal lines space the very same width together the score posts.Where various other lines show up on the ar of play, the lines referred to in this section are every one colour, and also that colour contrasts through the colour of the other lines.

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The play field

The playing ar is 110m long and 60m wide.The limits are significant with white lines. The centre heat is marked by an extra heavy white line through the centre of the field perpendicular come the side lines.The boundary lines top top the long sides of the field are next lines, the boundary lines in ~ each end are finish lines.Soft, versatile cones or pylons of red or orange plastic or rubber are placed at the four corners that the field, each finish of the door within the unique substitution area, the ends of the men’s score area lines and also the end of the centre.


Each goals is composed of two vertical write-ups joined by a strictly crossbar. The write-ups are 1.83m apart and the optimal crossbar is 1.83m indigenous the ground, every insides measurements.The score posts/pipes and also crossbar room 5.1cm square or 5.1cm in diameter and also are silver- or painted white or orange. The goal posts are centred between the next lines and also place 12m from each end lines.Around every goal is a circle recognized as the goal crease. This one is marked by making use of the midpoint of the score line together the centre and also drawing a circle about that point with a radius the 2.74m.The goal crease area is the circular ground territory around each score within and including the score crease.

Goal areas

In each fifty percent of the field a line is marked from sideline to sideline between the goal line and also centre line, 18m indigenous the score line. These lines are goal area lines. The area in between the score area lines and also the finish lines at each end of the ar are score areas.

Wing areas

Wing lines room lines parallel come the side lines. This lines are marked on each side the the field, 18m from the centre of the field and also extend 12.5m on each side that the center line.The locations between the soup area lines and the side lines, and also confined in ~ the extremities of the wing area lines, however excluding those lines, are designated the wing areas.


The center of the field is marked with an X equidistant from every side line. It can also be significant by a 10cm square in a colour various than the center line.

Special substitution area

The one-of-a-kind substitution area is two lines marked on the exact same side of the field as the timer’s table. This lines space 9m long and also extend far from the field of beat at appropriate angles to the sideline native points ~ above the sideline 6.5m native the center line. These lines are dubbed the one-of-a-kind substitution area lines.


Women"s lacrosse

Playing area

The play area is marked with a solid lined rectangle-shaped boundary, 91.4m come 110m long in between end lines and also 55m to 60m vast between side lines.Four cones are provided to mark the corners of the field. All ar marking lines are 5.1cm wide. It is recommended that all lines are painted white.There is 4m between the team bench boundary and also the scorer’s table. There is a 2m safety and security zone past the opposite sideline and also spectators. There is 2m to 4m of room beyond the finish line boundaries and also any herbal or artificial objects, such as trees, bushes, athletic tracks, fences, spectators, or stands.Spectators have to stay back at the very least 4m from the side lines and also are not allowed directly behind the team benches or score table. Spectators are not permitted behind the finish lines unless permanent seating is available.A goal heat is marked at each finish of the field. The score lines room no less than 82m apart. The score lines are marked parallel to the finish lines.There is 12m the playing an are behind each goal line to run the full width of the field. This is measured indigenous the back, outside edge the the goal heat to the front, inside edge that the finish line.Two tiny circles 15cm in diameter are situated behind every goal, 4m in indigenous the boundary and 11m from the centre of the goal line.Around every goal line, a goal is one marked. It has a radius that 3m measured from the centre earlier edge of the goal heat to the external edge that the score circle.Restraining present are significant at each end of the field, 25m from every goal line. This solid present extend throughout the broad of the field. The 25m is measured native the back edge of the goal heat to the front/midfield edge of the restraining line.In the center of the field, a center circle is marked. That radius is 9m once measured native the center of the circle come its exterior edge. Through the centre of this circle, a centre line 3m in length is significant parallel come the goal lines.The scorer and timer table is situated at the midfield in a significant 5m x 5m box set 4m outside the boundary on the teams’ bench side of the field.Each team’s substitution area is 4m x 5m, significant by 2 cones or markers put 4m apart and also even through the scorer and timer’s table extended.The team bench locations are 18.5m long and 5m deep.


A goal cage is composed of two vertical write-ups or pipes join at the top by a strictly crossbar. The posts or pipes space 1.83m apart and also the optimal horizontal crossbar is 1.83m from the ground.All dimensions are inside measurements. The goal write-ups or pipes and crossbar are 5.1cm square or 5.1cm in diameter and are silver- or painted white or orange.The goal net is securely attached come the posts or pipes, the crossbar and also to a allude on the ground 2.1m behind the centre of the score line.The goal heat is drawn in between the two goal article or pipes and also is continuous with them and the very same width as the goal posts or pipes, 5.1cm.


Unified lacrosse

For countless years, at the global competition level, men’s and also women’s lacrosse has been played with different field dimensions and also field markings. V many new countries presenting the sport of lacrosse, the FIL, has developed a set of common perimeter and also bench markings, in the expect of making as many of the field dimensions comparable so they are an ext easily enforced throughout the world.


The benefits in having actually a typical lacrosse ar for both men’s and also women’s ar lacrosse include:

Increased possibility of having permanent lines contained in fabricated surfaces.Reduced time compelled to mark both a men’s and women’s field.Less confusion regarding what heat is provided for what game.Alignment with other field sports where field markings space the same.Fields can be more easily common by both men’ and also women’s teamsGoals have the right to be permanent on grass fields and not have to move for each gameIncreasing potential for inclusion the lacrosse in the Olympics.

Implementation schedule

The adhering to implementation schedule has actually been developed for the combined field:FIL international events2015 U19 Women’s human being Championship – merged dimensions.2016 U19 Men’s human being Championship – timeless dimensions.2017 Women’s world Cup – linked dimensions.2018 Men’s civilization Championship – merged dimensions.2019 and also beyond – linked dimensions.

Summary that changes

MenSize of ar increased come 110m x 60m.Goal folds radius increased to 3m.Space behind goal lessened to 12m.Measurements have been adjusted to metric.Additional field length is included to the center of the field between the two restraining lines and the additional width is included between the wing lines and also the side lines.WomenField size diminished to 110m x 60m.Restraining line reduced to 25m.Space behind goal reduced to 12m.Team bench area diminished to 18.5m.

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