ABOUT: because that information about the firm and also a an introduction by covering product of every Hurst editions, view Hurst editions.

LUCILE’s approve BY Hurst & Company: This page catalogs Hurst"s 16mo. And 18mo. Execution (about 4x6" in size) as represented in PTLA and as reported duplicates to the Lucile project. Because that the magazine of 12mo. Execution (about 5x6.5 to 5x7.5" in size), watch Hurst 12mos.

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Hurst 16mo. And also 18mo. Version are detailed on this page in alphabet order by series title.

Alligator Classics. 1911 PTLA: 16mo. It would be complicated to present a more dainty idea in a comfortable volume type than this new padded version of the Classics. The titles are the ideal obtainable - the finished publication perfect; the Price astonishingly low. Every famous author is represented. Published on good paper and bound in Alligator covers through gold titles. Each publication boxed. 98 titles. Price, 50c. .1912-1914 PTLA: . 1915 PTLA: .1916 PTLA: .1917 PTLA: *