Saying ‘I love you’ have the right to be both scary and exciting and even an ext so in a new language!If you want to know just how to speak ‘I love you’ and other romantic unit volume in Bengali, then check out on.

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How come Say ‘I Love You’ In Bengali

To tell someone that you love lock in Bengali, say:I love youAmi tomake bhalobashiI love youAmi toke bhalobashi
You would certainly say ‘tomake’ to someone who is your new girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife and any family or girlfriend you want to speak this to.If you’ve been in a partnership for rather a long time you should say ‘toke’ as it’s a an ext informal means of saying it.

Check the end the below video to listen the pronunciation:
If you want to say this more respectfully, you have the right to say:I love youAmi apnake bhalobashi

Romantic phrases in Bengali

Try these various other romantic phrases also including exactly how to say ‘I miss you’ in Bengali.I love friend tooAmio tomake bhalobashiI like youAmi tomake pochondo koriYou room beautiful/prettyTumi sundorYou are really beautiful/prettyTumi khub sundorI love you an extremely muchAmi tomake onek beshi bhalobashiI want to marry youAmi tomake biye korte chaiI miss youAmi tomake miss out on korchi*My love (referring come a female)PriyotomaMy love (referring come a male)Priyotomo
*There is not really an indistinguishable word for ‘miss’ in Bengali so they have embraced the English word ‘miss’ into their language. Bengali has numerous loan words prefer this. 

Check out the below video to listen the together of several of these phrases:
These phrases must come in comfortable whether you’ve gained a love attention from Bangladesh/India or even if it is you’re just visiting and want to it is in prepared. If you desire to find out to review in Bengali, then start by learning the Bengali alphabet.
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