We space purchasing a monitor and also in an email someone wrote, "Bob, let"s acquire two that these" and posted a URL.

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If i were come followup, which would certainly be more appropriate and also why?

"I 2nd that motion" or "I second that notion"?

Fact is, we can uncover plenty of publications that speak "second the notion" – in locations like Ski magazine:

Lee Aaker, 57, of Mammoth, Calif, would 2nd that notion. (2001)

or politics commentary:

Ollie north calls the CIA/cocaine story "absolute garbage." I 2nd that notion for two reasons...

but far more say "second that motion."

So, is second the notion a malapropism? Or simply a lesser-used (but still valid) form?

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It"s motion. It"s an ext like the usage of motion in law. It"s a noun (i.e. You file a motion or move to do something). Therefore if someone wherein to make a movement (make a suggestion), friend would 2nd it if friend agree.

It"s fully idiomatic, yet that"s the usage of activity here; it"s no a legitimate term.

Me: I move that we go out for dinner. You: I 2nd that motion!

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The correct phrase is "second the motion". That originates native parliamentary procedure and also is generally used in meetings of every kinds of clubs and organizations.

Wikipedia defines second thus:

In deliberative body a second to a propose motion is one indication the there is at the very least one human being besides the mover the is interested in seeing the activity come before the meeting.

and activity thus:

In parliament procedure, a motion is a formal proposal by a member the a deliberative assembly the the assembly take particular action.

Where "second the notion" is used, my guess is it"s done knowingly together a pun or unknowingly as an error.

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If this had been a houses of parliament procedure, the answer would be easy: In the chambers of government legislative bodies, you 2nd motions, no notions.

However, this wasn"t a parliamentary procedure, it was an e-mail saying, "Let"s buy two of monitor X." That"s hardly a officially motion, and I think it might be called an idea, proposal, suggestion, or notion just as easily as it could be referred to as a motion. Therefore the concern becomes, have the right to you 2nd an idea, in the same means you can second a motion at a public meeting?

NOAD reads:

second (verb) < trans. > formally assistance or endorse (a nomination or resolution or that proposer) as a vital preliminary to adoption or further conversation : Bertonazzi seconded Birmingham"s nomination. • express agreement with : her view is seconded by many Indian leaders today.

Similarly, Collins lists two meanings (Nos. 18 and also 20):

second (verb) 18. Come give help or backing to 20. To do a speech or otherwise refer formal assistance for (a motion already proposed)

If you are using the verb second in feeling 20, I would certainly staunchly recommend using motion. However, if you room using:

I second that notion.

to mean:

I support that idea.


I"d ago that proposal.

then ns think it"s one acceptable intake (although you run the danger of something thinking you"ve claimed an eggcorn, once perhaps girlfriend haven"t).

Perhaps you should merely say:

I second that idea.

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to remove all doubt. If someone doesn"t like that use of the verb second, you"ve got quite a few authors backing girlfriend up.