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release Date: 1997
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Keywords: getting OLD

Parody of "Rock and Roll all Nite" by Kiss (Dave AuJus)
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You loved us as soon as the tape was hot.And now we"re gonna give it one much more shot.We"re gettin" old,We must be crazy.We"re puttin" top top the assembly again.It covers up a buncha wrinkled skin.You lug the bread,We"ll do the gravy.You store on spendin",We"ll store on singin.I offered to rock and roll all nightBut now my hair"s transforming gray.I have to acquire to bed by nine,Rub top top a tube of Ben-Gay.Haven"t picked up my guitar for a while,Not because them hula-hoops walk outta style.It"s to be a while,I"m quite rusty.We"ll give you whatever we got.Would you prefer to see my liver spots?Can you journey us house if we gain sleepy?If the shirts save on sellin",We"ll save on yellin"I provided to rock and also roll all nightBut currently my hair"s transforming gray.I have actually to acquire to bed through nine,Rub in a pipe of Ben-Gay.I wanna rock and also roll every nightBut ns can"t continue to be awakeI"d choose to rock and roll all nightBut then my body would ache.I"ll try to rock and roll every night,If there"s some dough to be madeI wanna rock and also roll all night,But I obtain drowsy by eight. (Dave AuJus)


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The ideal of Twisted Tunes, Vol. 2
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